Friday, September 1, 2017


With the help of my friend and blogger grace known as the hungry blonde i was able to create a new blog and brand living life with stephanie is no longer just a blog but a brand. You can visit my new offical site at and subscribe to my email list ill be sending out emails every month and partening with different brands and companies love you guys and  i hope to see you at my new site/company


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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Love bites storytime with Steph the cute marine

         Lets start off this story by saying since my trauma a part of me has changed and I'm not the one who usually tells these kinds of stories I haven't in a while but I'm going to maybe because you guys are like my 4th family and I love you all. As my winter session at my old college came to an end I took a one month break and focused on therapeutic things such as trying to find my self and ask my self questions as to what I really wanted to do with my life and what careers I wanted to pursue being at that college where I was kind of made me unhappy it took a recently high school grad smiley Stephanie into a broken one it kind of added gasoline to a fire that was previously burning from my other traumas. Traumas that still give me nightmares sometimes but are slowly fading away when I came back to college I thought I finish my semester here and leave for my new college in January 2018. Despite stress and the feeling of being trapped not having the courage to tell my parents that I wanted to leave and it wasn't doing damage to my health but to who I was as a person and the environment no college is perfect but my old college just wasn't doing it.  When my spring semester began I remember my first day back at college more healthy more happy than before after going threw a therapeutic winter months. When I Saw a couple of army guys promoting people to join the us army.  One really stood out he reminded me and looked quiet similar to Dave Franco that handsome brother or James Franco the one that stared in so many great films. I tried not to blush I'm not gonna admit that made me want to get up early just like in high school when I had a cute handsome teacher.  I would love it when he just walk by with the flyer in his hand. One day after work I made an excuse to go down to the office at school just to pick up some files and he popped out of no where still with his army flyers and those bright beautiful brown sexy eyes.  During my last month of classes at the college I was growing sadly disappointed I would only be in school to take care of tuition payments and do other stuff but not daily as I will soon be leaving for my 4 year school in January.  As time started to fly I had to spend more time at work since my job had made a huge cut in employees and we always needed someone to either close or open the store I worked at over the summer. As summer comes to an end soon the questions I wonder will I ever see him again? and do life's cupcakes come unexpected? You just never know who you might come across.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Bath and body works mini haul

Meeting ansel elgort ��❤ future bff?

Starting over

Hi everyone its been a long time since I've blogged on this site i was recently blogging but it had failed and i got a rip off negation to own the domain google offered me a great deal for my site and the new stephanieamazingsite will be living life with Stephanie with the late summer launch to early fall in September once i finish the negations with google and i could finally own my site and blog.  I started blogging for fun when i opened my first blog as a child on my space never what i have known almost 10 years later i would gain a audience and my website would be turned into a business. To my fellow readers who thought i had quit blogging no i didn't i just got a negation from a certain company to buy the domain turned off to be a complete f***** rip off and I've moved back to my home known as google.  The word press site i had blogged on remains open as a resume for other companies i would want to work for in the nearby future.  During this year i got to say it was kind of like a therapy year still recovering what had been a terrible experience in high school and college has been my therapy in recovering and forgetting about that depressing stuff. During my time at a community college i had a really great professor who thought me more writing so much writing that i feel like i could use his techniques to write books he even had confidence that i could write my own book one day. Speaking of books I'm planning to write a ebook set for a release during the holiday season ill be available for purchase for only 10 dollars and its a self help book.  The first out of a couple self help books i plan to write in the nearby future. I'm also taking my semester off college I'm currently in the process of moving into a four year college/university i like the moving thing i would get to learn and work towards a bachelors degree during my time during the transfer process i would be working and working towards my site and my ebook you guys will like.  Speaking of reading ill be uploading new content such as videos and tons of that. I feel like after a while everyone should have the right to a fresh start and I'm super excited about whats ahead. 

Hello :)

Hi there ive moved back to my old site to launch stay tuned and subscribe to my email subscription for more updates i will no longer be using