Friday, February 16, 2018

Fitness friday how to create a workout routine

 Fitness is one of the biggest keys to life's door and not to mention being healthy should
be a main key in life.  Eating healthy foods is a must for everyday life we wouldn't get our energy without our veggies fruits smoothies and the things we eat. Then there is also the yummy foods that have alot of fat but we still enjoy foods like pizza fatty chicken burgers and treats like candy and ice cream. We often hate our selves for eating those foods and punish our self's for enjoying it without realizing that we don't need to.  Sometimes i often realize there is no need for food punishment but creating a great workout routine can help get rid of those '' i cant eat you thoughts'' .  If you stick to a great workout routine and healthy habits you can be able to achieve anything and eat anything.  Here's how to create a good workout routine

1) Know your strengths and weaknesses - Don't do workouts that you cant do or don't workout if
you feel dizzy and sick

2) Do workouts that are good everyday can be different for example one day can be cardio
the other lower body and one day can be kickboxing not everyday same workout. For me i do
training 3 to 4 times for week at my gym on some days ill do cardio , or use the machines
for upper body and do the treadmill. If i feel really creative ill do fun workouts such as swimming
at my college or kickboxing or my favorite yoga. Its always good to change it up a bit and not do the same ole same ole.

3) Create a weekly schedule/keep a fitness calender -For example here's my workout schedule
next week

Sunday- Off
Monday-Cardio/yoga or swimming at school
Wednesday-Full body /machines/ or swim
Thursday-off or walk depends how i feel

it makes life so much easier to create a schedule and keep a journal as well

I hope this post helps you on creating a workout routine I'm no fitness professional but
can give you advice/tips leave me a comment below on your fitness routines and how you do them

you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Friday, January 26, 2018

Finding true love

Over the years on my 20 1/2 years on earth I've learned alot about love throwout childhood preteen years young adult years and into adult hood. Ill be officially 20 in two weeks which is kinda exciting and amazing I'm already 20 and over the last 20 years i gotta say I'm happy to be alive.  Threw out the years since i was a young child i learned alot about finding true love. Aside from the love from family and friends i learned alot and my love life believe or it not started in the second grade.  Second grade chapter 1 of Stephanie's complicated budding love life.  Everyone has their love life somewhat budded like a complicated puzzle with all the pieces but hard to solve. What is the true meaning of finding true love? Love other than one night stands or just fun sweaty shameless sex ? Dating the wrong guy or girl ?  The thing is its ok to have fun when it comes to love and have mixed emotions angry emotions. The many steps in finding true love is not when it comes to sweaty sex or how many people you date? It comes from your body and how you feel physically, emotionally ,mentally about your self. It doesn't mean about being self centered or being a mean b***** but how you view your life and how you view your self effects the world and people around you.  When it comes to love i used to think hey a guy wont like me because i don't have large breasts or he wont like my stubborn personality.  As i got older and did a little self therapy i realized all those things are complete bullshit and that a true gentleman would love me despite my un perfect features.  When it comes to your body physically girl or guy you have to love your self despite the size of your body parts. Not just the size of your body parts but the color of your hair your height. No matter what features your body has phyisally you can put work into that and love your body for who it is.  When it comes to your mental state take care of that you cant be in a relationship if you gone threw something traumatic and still haven't recovered from that event. Give your self time don't date someone if your mentally unstable always remember your mental health comes first and do some therapy your mind will know if your truly ready to take a another step and be a relationship. But in the meantime its always good to have friendship as temporary step if your in love or have strong feelings for someone but not mentally ready.  Emotions something so complicated that no one understands them one minute we could be happy next minute sad.  It hurts the most when we go threw the most painful things in life and sometimes even the most ones we cant understand.  Finding true love its ok to have emotions consider them as keys in relationships ones that can either fix them or destroy them.  They are a important key in them. Its ok to be happy and to be sad to cry to laugh to laugh and cry. Be the happiest bumblebee in the hive and you might just find true love.

Always ask your self these q's when in a relationship

What kind of relationship do i want in love?

Do i really want to be hurt in a relationship?

Is it all about sex ?

does he/she love me do i love them or just for fun?

Does he/she love me despite my past love or my physical appearance?

Does he/she mention his ex way too much? ( Mentioning ex's are a big no no it means that
person hasn't truly moved on !)

    I hope you guys enjoyed the post ill be back on camera next week on my YouTube just
in time for my vday series and other fun stuff leave me a comment below anything related to love and life love you guys -xoxo-Stephanie

Friday, January 19, 2018

Finding your inner strength

In life the best way to be happy and anxiety free is to let go of the bad feelings the memories or feelings that taunt us to be able to fight and be the greatest person you can be. Finding your inner strength doesn't simply mean your gonna say your gonna do something without putting anything to action.  In life good things take time and effort so how do you find your inner strength among the up downs and roller coaster called life? Here are some tips on finding your inner strength and not letting any forces stop you from becoming the person you were meant to be.

  • Self identity - Aside from your physical appearance learn what do you like? and
how do you define your self ? If your a female but don't like things that's females like but 

connect with the opposite gender than don't be afraid to say hey this who i am. The more happier

you are with your self the more positivity that's around you and that influences those around you 

and you become a better person create a strong force of happiness that creates things such as bonds 

with those around you. 

  • Letting go of bad memories/things that can hurt you physically mentally and emotionally/
Things can such as traumatic experiences change the person we once were to the person we are 

today espsically if its really bad and leaves a scar on our body. It might take time and even years for t

the bad memories to go away but in the end if you put effort into it you cant let those bad memories 

destroy or damage you . You gotta remind your self that your better than that and that you cant let 

anyone or anything break you into pieces that bad memories are just memories and don't let it get to

  • Find something that your good at
Doing things such as dance ,art ,music,writing and turning that into something fun or a hobby or even a career it can help you in the long term. I remember being in my first year of college studying something that was too difficult and that i wasn't good at. When i discovered i further put my career in acting/business/writing. I love doing what i love and it gets a big baggage off my shoulders and puts the sunshine right in the center of the stage. If your not happy at what your doing whether its career wise or hobby ill just keep adding fire to the gasoline and wont get you anywhere.  No matter what everyone says go for your dreams and strive to be the best person you can be. 

What are some of your suggestions on being happy and living life to the fullest? i love to hear your comments you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie 

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