Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Summer fab fit fun box is here

Every summer its always good to have the main essentials whether its suntan lotion or
beach towels its good and important to have the essentinals. What if you could have all those essentials in one box? That you didn't you need to go to cvs or any other drug store and pick up the items one by one and be frustrated and get stressed over it.  You wont need to hassle over one by one item picking instead grab your self a summer fab fit fun box. Fab fit fun just released their new summer fit fab fun box and it all the summer essentials in just one box.  Some of the items needed for summer are foreo luna fofo,coola face sport spf white tea moisturizer and the pier 1 imports marble ring dish. Not to mention many other items that could save your summer alot of trouble and save you from a summer hassle.  Each fab fit fun summer box is valued at 321.99-367.99 but you can get it for only 40.00 and with my promo codes you can be able to save 10.00 more. Here are some promo codes to save your summer and get your box. Use each promo code to save 10 dollars off your next box! and save your summer.

So what are you waiting for grab your fab fit fun summer box threw out the hot and summer days.

* This post is sponsored by fab fit fun and I'm a fab fit partner all opinions are on my own!

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Monday, June 4, 2018

Cherry cola oreo taste test

When it comes to oreos I'm the happiest bumblebee in the hive I've loved oreos since i was a
child. My love for oreos started when i was four when my mom and dad would put oreos in the my lunchbox at school i always hated school lunch and would bring food from home.  My mom and dad would always bring oreos in the house i just love every flavor of oreos not every flavor. Some of the flavors oreo comes up taste like sugar paste and seasoning or a broken sweetened candle. Some flavors I've tasted tested not very found of were apple pie and pumpkin spice. Both of those flavors tasted nothing like i expected or close to the actual food item but reminded me of sugar paste in my mouth with a ton of seasoning like spices used in baking those delious treats.  When i came across the 3 Oreo flavor creation finalists i was a bit scared to try all of 3 them. They all sounded way too weird to be considered flavors. Out all of 3 flavors cherry cola,pina colada and kettle corn i only agreed to try one of them.  Kettle corn has bird food in them and i only give bird food to my budgies and i don't eat bird food. Pina colada sounded way too sweet to be a cookie considering the real drink is often used with rum and is too sweet without rum. In the end after all the hype from my fans and supporters i decided to give cherry cola Oreo a taste test.  When you open the package you get these sweet smell of cherry cola soda. It smells exactly and very similar with a kick of sweetness and almost like a candle smell.  When i took my first bite i got the yummy vanilla cream with the cherry filing along with pop rocks in my mouth. When you bite into the cookie you get this taste of vanilla cookie and then pop rocks following it along with some cherry flavor. I kind of feel like that they should have just left the pop rocks aka the popping candy out and just make it cherry vanilla flavored.  Surpisely it didn't taste like just artificial sugar and a plain sweetened candle. Overall i say its not so bad i know the poprocks is supposed to give it that carbonated feeling but it was in the way of the actual flavor. I wouldn't buy this every time i go to the market just like i do with regular oreos. I would sometimes pick it up for a quick snack. It also did kind of remind me a little cherry macaroon and i love macaroons. I would give it 3 stars of 5 just because of the poprocks in the way. Would i vote it in the contest? Yes I've been voting once a day for this flavor and i hope it wins considering its the only normal flavor i like. You can vote for oreo creation finalists

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Fitness friday dont be hungry on the go part 1

   Being on the go can be sometimes be up and down like a heartache for food. I
tend to get hungry almost every hour or at least every few hours. Here are some tips on if your not to go to always somewhat full and not hungry like a wolf or you feel like you ran 20 miles and your hearts racing.  When it comes to a bag of chips i like to keep one in my bag just for a quick bite i recommend keeping a bag of pretzels in your bag. Pretzels are kinda like bread and are the closest thing to healthy when it comes to the chip world and a big bag costs 1.49 at any store.  My favorite bars aside from chocolate is granola bars. They always keep me full and sometimes i eat one whenever in a quick run for a breakfast run but cant have a big breakfast.  My favorite granola bars are the Luna bars they have amazing flavors and my favorite ones are that contain chocolate and nuts i love chocolate.  Other bars such as Lara Cliff are all good too the cookie dough is amazing and they have amazing flavors that remind of you cake.  Some other things i recommend are even a candy bar just not everyday maybe once in a blue moon m&ms or a snickers bar.  Being hungry on the go is a big no and not to mention water is the most important always carry water with you!. I hope you enjoyed this post this is the last fitness Friday where is blogging as opposed to video blogging. Fitness Friday moves to video blogging starting this June!. New episodes will be every 2 weeks starting this June on my YouTube as well on my blog. Leave me a comment below on what you carry on the go ? i love to hear your comments. xoxo-Stephanie

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hosting Drama league awards red carpet

Hi everyone and i hope your all having a lovely day so far and full of sweetness as well.
When it comes to being a blogger it not as easy as it looks and seems there is alot of planning
and things to be able to be great content and joy for the readers and fans and the many people who
support blogs that makes blogs possible. I got the joy to host my very first red carpet event as not only as a blogger but as a company representing Living life with Stephanie. It was the first time i got to experience a red carpet event and have the joy that comes it. I tried hosting the 2016 vmas back when it was my home city Manhattan but instead came home upset of how hard i work on my blog yet saw other people wearing fancy clothing and being like hey why isn't that me in that white gown? . Since then i realized that i was just starting out and sometimes you have to push the world so they can see the amazing bumblebee that you are. When i emailed the director of the drama league community regarding the red carpet event for the drama league awards i never expected a email right back. I got a straight yes and welcome letter to host the red carpet awards for the drama league awards.  I'm not gonna lie i never really noticed the Broadway community despite living in NYC for all my life. When mean girls on Broadway came out and started doing previews i got a warm welcome from Broadway community and realized they could help me not only in Broadway but in other jobs and get my face known in the world.!  In a mini recap of the drama league awards held at my favorite hotel the Marriott in times square. They were many stars and i pretended like i knew all of them when i only knew the cast of mean girls Broadway and Andrew Garfield who's currently staring in angels of Broadway and stared in one of my favorite movies the social network.  I got to see many other publicists as well as do press with mac makeup !. Aside from the red carpet the plastics from mean girls Broadway Taylor Kate and Ashley held the actual event.  Which was like a dream filled with tables and fancy white decor with amazing food.  I had a great time being with Broadways biggest stars. You can go to to purchase tickets to see a broadway show and don't forget if you see any of them comment below which musical do you like? i love to hear your comments until next time love you xoxo-Stephanie

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Diy sugar cherry vanilla lipscrub

Hi everyone and happy tuesday today i started off my day with breakfast strawberry pancakes and aside of french vanilla coffee. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and its the first thing i like to have before i go to work or school.  One of my favorite things i'm gonna love doing come this summer and my youtube channel is in full force with new videos every fri sat and sun. I'm been getting extremely creative with diy products such as diy makeup things you can use from home to turn into beauty products. One of my favorite products is lip scrubs they help exflorate your lips and keep them soft.  I thought i share my first diy cherry vanilla lipscrub/balm that i made. The diys and other fun stuff will be on videos when my canon and new laptop comes in.

Diy cherry vanilla scrub by Stephanie

What you will need

1 box of strawberry jello
1 small containor (paint pot)
1 bottle of vanilla (1 drop)
1 small travel size vaseline
1 1/2 tea spoon of water

1) First take half of a scoop of vaseline and put it in the microwave for a good 60
seconds depending on the watts of the microwave i say 30 or 60

2) In a small bowl take half of the strawberry jello and mix it in with the vaseline

3) Add in a drop of vanilla extract into the scrub

4) Add it a half teaspoon of water ( dont add too much or it will be turn into a lip balm as opposed to a scrub)

5) Put the scrub in the fridge for 7 to 8 hours ( i found this easy to use instead of just using it right away)

Enjoy using the scrub i've been using mine and i found it gives me kissable lips and makes yummy too.

Leave me in the comments below if you tried this lip scrub i love to hear your comments

Thursday, May 3, 2018

New cosmic coollata review Stephanie runs on dunkin

These past couple of days in NYC have been oven like weather feeling like your in a big oven. Every time we get this kind of weather and I'm not by the waters I'm like how come we don't get the cold back ! My favorite season is spring not too hot or too cold and you can go outside all day and everyday. When i heard of dun kin donuts new coolata drinks despite the many sugars and carbs I'm not afraid to try to drink sugary drinks . Its ok to be able to enjoy sugary drinks and eat all the amazing food in the world. The one thing you just got to remember is that you always burn it off and its ok. When i took my first sip of the cosmic blue raspberry coolata it reminded me of those cotton candy ice cream pops i used to eat from the ice cream truck.  Theres a icy cotton candy kick to it and then comes the surgary sweetness of raspberry blue flavor.  Who would have thought raspberry and cotton candy make a great sweet team? This is has got to be of the greatest coolatas flavors dun kin ever had since strawberry.  Overall it was very good you drink the coolata and you get a sweet kick of cotton candy and a mixture of blue raspberry.  Its perfect for a hot summer day and one of those drinks you have by the beach. I give it 4 stars out of 5!
what did you think of the cosmic coolata? did you try it ? i love to hear your thoughts you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Thursday, April 26, 2018

to binder or to not binder?

 When its comes to dating I'm very open minded when it comes to finding the right boyfriend.
No guy is perfect and doesn't have the perfect features and perfect look either hes just fine the way he is.  I don't look for love like buying a bag of really good m&ms picking it without even thinking about the ingredients used to make the m&ms. When it comes to dating some people cry about being single.  Which is the key for I'm desperate and looking for a partner even if i means using for sex then getting dumped. Not to mention that they will go to great lengths to find a partner and with things such as phone's and technology we have dating apps such as 'qumble'' and binder''  the two dating apps that are most used in finding a ''date''.  Do those dating apps really help you find a date? or just key for someone who just wants to act a slut and have mean less sex.  For me i don't like dating apps at all and will never use them to find ''true love''. No one really finds true love when it comes to these apps.  When it comes to these apps you never really know who you are talking to or who the person really is.  Ive heard really weird stories of people who have met dates on dating apps and the stories make me wanna hide in corner.  Do really people find love on dating apps? or is it just plain desperate code for desperate? i love to hear your opinion comment below on what you think on dating apps?

you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

* fyi all opinions are my own you choose whether or not to use dating apps!