Saturday, July 26, 2014

buly day 22-26 Stephs oatmeal shake recipe/surgery recovery

 Let me start off to answer some questions you guys might have yes I've been busy and i took 2 days for recovery from my dental surgery and to think and i was feeling a little lost with my self for a bit time and well now i feel happy and back where i belong and ready to eat and well live life one step at a time. So recently i had been doing workouts alot and new forms on it working on my abs and back for the next few weeks and i did one workout in the evening and the other in the early morning the one that works and worked best for me was the evening in the evening i had been awake and ate so i had more strength and more productivity when i did it in the evening when i did it in the morning it was about 2 hours after i woke up and only had one meal avena aka oatmeal and it was alot of pressure with all the sun it was more like a sun oven workout than the actual workout.  I Made a oatmeal shake here is the recipe it gives you strength energy and cleans out your body from all the bad/gunky stuff

Oatmeal healthy precious shake

what you will need

ice cubes 6 cubes 
brown sugar (optional).
cinnamon (optional).
honey (optional)
 milk or water milk best option though

1. Get out your blender and clean it make sure its clean

2. Pour 3 or 4 cups of oatmeal into the blender

3. Pour one or 2 cups of milk into the blender.

4. also pour ice cubes into the blender you can make it without ice i had mines without ice.

5. pour one teaspoon of cinnamon into the blender (optional choice)

6. Pour one teaspoon of honey into blender (optional choice).

 7. Blend till smooth. 

Its really yummy and really good for you i hope you try it if you try it be sure to leave in the comments below.

  Also here's a quick fitness tips have a banana at least 45 minutes before you workout have something so that something gives you energy and more strength.  I love you guys so much and be sure to have a awesome night or if your reading this and its nighttime and you just got home have amazing dream and maybe all your wishes come true.

 you know ill always love you

Monday, July 21, 2014

buly day 16-21 where was i?

 Hi everyone so i took a little bit of a blogging break to go threw some stuff that i have been dealing with some emotional stuff I'm a fragile person and I've been like that since i pretty much a toddler and its who i am and yeah i didn't take the other job offer mainly because i knew it wouldn't be right for me and stuff i just hope i start working this week a job at cvs they told me that i could get a email any second and any time.  So pretty much waiting on that tonight evening i have to go for a mini surgery and its dental work I'm really happy cause after today i get to eat better my teeth get to feel better and i get to feel better in my teeth I've been having pain for almost a year and we finally found out what it was and its a big relief and yeah a huge relief I'm making a slide show i want it to be special and big so it was supposed to go up tonight but its going up Tuesday night or perhaps Saturday.  I Wanna make it special not just a ordinary slide show you guys have changed my life and giving me alot of love and support over the last 4 yrs and months and days and seconds and even hours. Yesterday i got a flat iron and look

I Had a crappy one for so long yes I'm being honest i bought it for 8 bucks at a beauty supply store and it barely heats up and i would go to school at times embarrassed when i didn't go to my hair salon it would puff up at times so i saved up i didn't want to keep asking my parents for money i wanted to buy it on my own.  Note to anyone whose buying any iron and anything appliance you buy always do your research and make sure its one that's gonna last a long time and by long time i mean years.  I Saw the reviews on this one and they were great reviews and awesome reviews.  

Also if anyone is doing Christmas in July hallmark is i saw Christmas stuff in hallmark the other weekend and it was amazing made me a feel a bit christmasy never too early to get started on Christmas even when Christmas is a mere almost 4 months away.   I'm gonna you guys i have yet to get ready for my dentist appointment and i need to now ill always love you 


And as always feel free to leave comments below i love you all bye.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Buly day 15 getting a job offer

 So this morning i got up you know doing the whole summer routine and getting ready to start my day and in the middle of brushing my teeth my dad is on the phone with my mom and my dad hands me the phone saying my mother wants to talk to me now I'm thinking OK what could this be about?  Me and my mom are talking she shouting in a happy way that the company i applied for called her and told her that i got a job offer and i was selected. Now I'm in complete shock i didn't think that the company i applied for were still picking people and yeah I'm really happy to be getting a job and this is my first ever job and I'm still in shock I've been looking for jobs for like forever i mean i was looking for a job since my regents ended and now i have one and I'm gonna be working in a job i don't know where yet the company is gonna decide what job I'm gonna get I'm hoping something to do with office since I'm really good at that but yeah ill be happy for what i get.  I'm gonna be working and that doesn't mean buly is gonna end they just be up in the night.  Cheers to working and getting that experience and earning money and I'm doing my 39,000 viewer celebration on Saturday I'm also making a YouTube video on my channel staroflight11 my favorite moments on this blog and over the years tonight I'm praying it doesn't rain so i could go to taco bell tonight celebrate there and go for a celebration walk.  I'm really happy and yeah gonna be working till school starts.  I Love you all and have a great and lovely afternoon morning night evening.

Monday, July 14, 2014

buly day 13 and day 14 thanx for your support

 wow 39,096 viewers on my blog thats a big number i never thought i achieve on this site aside from all the numbers/viewers i wanted to say thank you for all your support that you have given me these past few yrs days weeks and months and even hours/seconds. I Started my blog back in 2011 true fact i actually had started my blogging senesation and well blogging way before 2011.  I had started blogging since like 05 04ish on myspace yeah way back then aka almost a decade ago i would write stories and write about my life and it was pretty mini short blog posts and i was just a child not knowing about the world of grammer and editing and all i cared about was people reading what i wrote and whether or not they liked it all not thats all i cared about at the time after a while i decided to quit blogging on myspace and went to live journal a very confusing website at the time and yeah that didnt work out so well no one was reading my stuff i felt so frustraded over the next few yrs of creating blogs and them not doing so well and deleting them around 2011 during me creating blogs i wasnt only dealing with frustration of blogs but the frustration of life i was dealing with trying to fit in in school and trying to get my grades good in school and having a social life keeping up with my body weight i struggled that over the years mentally emotionally and physically had my underweight issues but yeah i had to go threw many struggles before the launch of angel wings. I never gave up i remember reading blog called pamperedwithpaige and it was dj lisa paige blog and i thought i wanna do that do blog about life and food i dont wanna be exactly like her but i wanna blog and make people happy on April 28th 2011 was my very first blog post on angel wings and it was called candy apple freak and ive talked about my love for candy apples and at the time i was sick i had a sore throat and a toothache and it was very short i didnt even edit it i didnt learn about the world of editing till later on in 2011 angel wings was doing good as well as it is now and i would blog and then go months without blogging i was thinking why isnt people reading my blog what i am doing wrong then i realized i just havent told many people about it it was a secret so me being shy fyi if you first meet me i am a little shy but after a while and i start to get to used to you your gonna see my true colors which i am a loud and talkative person and hype if you give me coffee with loads of sugar ill even get hyper.   But back to my story i was about to give up on angel wings and delete it and not go back to blogging at all just stop doing it just quit it all together but i didnt i wanted to fight for what and to fight to achieve my goals as time passed and i created twitter and started interacting with gurus and fan bases and all that stuff i told people on twitter about my blog and well angel wings began to grow from there Seeing in life all the drama and all the bullshit that goes on and all the fake people and all that hypocrisy that goes on and how people feel like they have to be someone else just to fit in i know that because i felt that way in school and around my sisters but in the end i said screw them im gonna listen to the music i want to listen to read the books watch the movies i wanna watch be crazy and be weird and not give a f about being normal but yeah how the world supposed to be supposed worlds i wanted to create a site where people can get away from all that rubbish where they can home or be wherever and feel free to be themselves i wanted to create a website that allows that a blog that allows that thats when i decided to devote my blog to that.  Along the way to creating angel wings i made friends broke off them off and had people who didnt like me so much it was hard life isnt easy but we are living it.  On my blog i decided to go by the leader Stephanie Precious now im going by Stephanie Sunshine Precious and precious isnt my birth last name its part of my name but not my birth last name.  When i heard stories about teens cutting them selves and people cutting their own skin i decided to create a page to help stop that and people could see the good in life i created a fb page called stop cutting which today has over 128 likes a webpage to help support those who cut before and to help others and to stop cutting and doing bad things that hurt ones self.
   I Just wanted to say thank you for all your support and the love you have given me over these past 4 yrs and the love in general i love you all so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart i love you all so much from the bottom of my heart and couldnt be more greatful that you made part of my life happy and your making a dream come true without you none of this wouldnt have happened and each day all of us cont to grow big and strong i love you all so much thank you.

    People dont wanna follow society rules they wanna be themselves be weird be crazy feel free so why not create a blog that allows that-Stephanie Sunshine Precious.

 You know ill always love you


hyped im having my 39,000 celebration on saturday in my home in my city.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

feeling a bit ill tonight

hi everyone ive been having stomach pains all weekend and last week and tonight the pain is really unbearable and i need to rest its nothing serious just stomach cramps i hope you know i love you all so much and i have so much planned this week with the pain meds working the pain will be gone by this week and i will be back to normal i had them today but it stopped and now it came back and i really need to rest thanks for understanding ill be back tomorrow morning your getting 2 blog posts instead of one

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Buly day 12 Make a wish

 So i spent my Saturday mostly in the city and then arrived home around the sunset time i saw a fountain and thought i make a wish

its something I've been wanting for a very long time and no it has nothing to do really with money but i believe every wish that's made into the fountain should be kept quiet so it can come true and be able to come true every penny every nickle every dime in that fountain is a wish a wish from the heart a wish from the soul.

  So leave me a comment below on how your day went and what would you do if you were by the fountain.

Friday, July 11, 2014

buly day 11 Free slurpee day

My day went a little like this and this

i was really busy helping out my mom and family and everything i did manage to go to seven eleven and get a free Slurpee i had 2 cups of strawberry Slurpee's and it was amazing and fun and tired i had a great time leave me comments below on how your day went i love you all bye. i linked a video below with my favorite guru rachel about self confendence be sure to watch that video