Sunday, July 30, 2017


Soon ill be officaly shutting down this site you can now subscribe to my new site where ive been puting all the content subscribe for updates and its soon to become

Thursday, February 23, 2017

we have officaly moved new site

 Ive launched my new website on wordpress

at ill be filming these next couple of days if you seen on

my Instagram @steffanypeguero if you pretty much knew it was a cookie but what kind of cookie?

ill be filiming a new taste on of my favorite oreo brands I hope you guys come along with me this

new journey and ill be sure to steal your heart again its time for a fresh start I'm very exicted and I'm

glad you are coming along with me be sure to check out my new site and soon ill be sharing my story

in Stephanie the story of a butterfly

 you know ill always love you ill see you at the new site -Stephanie

New site!! we have moved

Stephanie will be sharing her story in fifty shades of Stephanie ill be filming Stephanie the story of a butterfly next week aka my last week before I go back to college aka new videos every weekend starting march right now its any other day

Saturday, February 18, 2017

We have moved !

 Hello there I'm making a annoucment that me and my team have officaly moved to

this website will be open for people who come here and in memory of my budgies and I'm pumped to start this new chapter with you guys the blog is still under construction but we have officaly moved love you guys so much and I hope once the new site is all done by the end of the week youll like it love you guys

Thursday, February 16, 2017

We are moving into a new site and platform big annoucment

  I Have some news my blog and website living life with Stephanie is moving into a platform and site aside for getting ready to film and shoot YouTube videos I have one up if you haven't already seen it it  would mean a lot if you do I'm moving my website after being on here since 2012 blogger will be mainly to keep my photos and other stuff private. I'm really excited and once we move ill no longer be active on this site ill be keep in memory of my budgies and their spirit I'm not gonna close my blogger sites I'm keep them open spirt of my birds is on here and I like keeping their memory alive if you want to visit my official upcoming new website ill be on word press and ill launch very soon ill keep you guys up to date hope your all having a lovely afternoon -Stephanie

Living life with Stephanie will be moving to a new home soon !