Monday, April 16, 2018

Weekend recap Earth day

This weekend union square had their annual earth day festival that commemorates earth day and
other things related to saving our earth.  They were many different vendors such as zico coconut water and honest tea. Getting to speak with the many different people at the event and how we could reduce the things that harm our earth. It made me question should we really be using things such as paper textbooks for schools? or switch to an alternate such as studying on ipads and using laptops to take our notes instead of pen and paper.  It was really fun and it wasn't just about saving our earth but eating healthy as well. Just like the earth what we do put it in our bodies pollutes it and makes us weaker. Eating foods with more healthy approach such as eating granola bars instead of donuts for breakfast. We could help make the world a better place if we just do the right thing and don't mess around.  What would things do you do to help our earth? and help your body as well? I love to hear
your comments.

you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Monday, April 2, 2018

Movie night midnight sun

     One of the things i love about getting to go to the movies is seeing a good romance and
every time a new romance movie comes out I'm always pumped to be running to the theatre. Ive saw
everyday when it came out loved the theme not so much the movie at all. When i saw midnight sun
was coming out i went to the theatre on the days I'm usually working from home and saw midnight sun on a early Tuesday afternoon. First starters let me say that midnight sun is nothing like the movie
everything everything that came out last year. Ive seen both movies and they are nothing alike expect
for the cute sweet romance in both films. Also the fact they deal with a sickness that sounds the same but really isn't if you watch everything everything you'll get it when i say they might ''sound the same''.   In the movie midnight sun the main character Katie price has xp and cant go out into the sunlight or she could die.  Katie price despite not being able to go to into the sunlight for all of her life managed to keep her sanity and is like any other teenager.  She plays music at night and hangs out only at night. I love her Katie kept her happiness threw out the film despite her illness and having a sheltered life. I think Bella thorne did amazing job at portraying her character and music too. I love the music she sings in the film. Its not only great music but adds pollen to the movie and makes you want to enjoy it even more.  I not only love her character but her love interest charlie played by Patrick shwargter. When we first meet his character we see he just graduated from high school and is
one of the popular hot guys. Hes one of the popular not an asshole type guys which to me its kinda cool. I loved how charlie in the film didn't judge Katie despite her not telling him about her disease and all the mystery that comes with it. He seems to handle it compared to how guys would handle it and not take it very good. I love the chemistry between charlie and Katie and how it might seem a typical teenage romance but shows that despite any sickness nothing should get in the way of love. They are other characters in the film i loved such as Morgan Katie's bff and how she became a sister
to Katie and shes a  funny character. If her character or charlies wasn't in the film it would just been plain right sad. They were a few scenes in midnight sun that made me cry such as the places charlie takes
Katie and how her makes her feel.  Overall it wasn't the best romance of all time its a teen romance its not a jack and rose adult romance. Its a cute bubbly romance meet for young adults kinda typical but enjoyable. Compared to other teen romances I've seen in the past this one was better than the other ones I've seen.  I rate it 4 out of 6 stars in its terms.  Have you guys seen midnight sun ? what did you think? do you plan to see it ?  I love  to hear your comments down below.

you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Fitness Saturday tips on getting rid of painful cramps

 Cramps are the worst kind of pain anyone could ever have whether its a feeling of getting punched
in the stomach or someone stabbing you lots of times. Getting cramps or whether its a woman's menstrual period or cramps from doing things such as excessive workouts. Its a headache and it
disrupts you from doing everyday life. Here are some tips to get rid of cramps.

  • Drinking Hot tea- Drinking tea such as green ,sweet natural tea help get rid of
the soreness that comes from cramps and makes it slightly better. I love having sweet 

tea it does the trick whenever i have it with food and one painkiller such as Advil. 

  • Chewing gum- One of my favorite gums to do the trick is the one with 
really strong mint flavoring such as dentyn ice chewing a couple of them helps 

get rid of the cramps in no time!. 

  • Yoga-its one of my favorite things in the world it helps with not just cramps sleep
as well. 

  • Healthy veggies and fruits -Swapping out fast food meals that contain high sodium 
and are only bound to make it worse swapping it out be a good thing. Eating foods with celery 

broccoli and other veggies help you not with cramps and soreness but bring energy back the body 

has lost from the pain. My recommendation is things such as pure green juice with many green 

veggies or a bowl with many green veggies.  Fruits too banana is the best fruit to get rid of cramps 

oatmeal too.  

I hope you enjoyed the fitness saturday (originally fitness Friday) if you have any suggestions
for a future fitness Friday or any kind of blog post or videos which are slated to start in April leave me 
a comment below.  I love you guys and xoxo-Stephanie 

Monday, March 12, 2018

The spring fab fit box 400 dollar makeup just 40 bucks!

* This post is sponsored by fab fit fun and I'm a partner of fab fit fun but all of my opinions are 
my own. 

    Being a girl i loved playing with makeup trying on new lipsticks ,and eye shadows etc.

Every girl knows the struggle of finding good makeup that isn't cheap and doesn't 

contain any chemicals. There is a big difference between a 1 dollar lipstick from any brand and a

20 dollar lipstick from mac which is the best.  Its not just about makeup but other beauty faves such a

a face mask and other goodies that help keep our skin nice and healthy and clean. One of the things i 

hate are dark circles and blemishes using the products from the box i was able to get rid of those and 

cover any insecurities that i had.  The best part about the box you save a ton of money compared to 

buying similar products from sephora in which you crack the bank.  Did i forget to mention the box 

is only 40 bucks a month and if you use my promo codes you can get 10 dollars off your first box.  I 

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You know ill always love you 
                                                xoxo-Stephanie :)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Im writing a best selling book !

Ive been Mia for a while I've recently had a surgery and took time off from things such as blogging
school and work. I'm not gonna admit after surgery my hand where i was operated on felt sore as hell.
   Doing things with one hand thought me alot  not to mention thanks to my moms help i got threw recovery. when i saw my new left hand for the first time without my extra finger bump it looked good despite being stitched up and covered in bandages. Life is now easier since my operation. Full story time on the operation will be coming soon and i cant wait to share it with you guys.  Ive been having a secret these last couple of months I'm writing a book a memoir slated to a unknown date. I never thought i have something that would be sold in Barnes and noble and other book stores. Here is a mini bio of what the book is about and the background of the book.

Living life with Stephanie is a 2018 non fiction memoir written by
Stephanie Peguero a series of memoirs that take place threw out Stephanie's past her
current life her struggles with self esteem and her road to success.  It also includes
some of Stephanie's future aspirations.

Release date- Unknown

I've been keeping this book a secret for a long time and its been a great ongoing
project with my publishing company/literacy agent as well. I know you guys will love
this book and will be reading it on your kindles the paper copy and on your ipads. It'll also be
on stores such as amazon and Barnes and noble.  I hope you guys have an amazing day and ill talk to you all soon. 

You know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie.

Ps they might also be a book tour in the future no dates yet!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Movie night fifty shades of freed

The best apart about going to the movies no commercials is when the movie starts and your
already with your popcorn soda and berry hibiscus's from starbs. I was dying to see this movie
considering the fact its was the final chapter and i loved the 2 movies of the franchise. Ive read fifty
shades of freed the book and knew how it ended but wanted to see up close. Going to the theatre on a Monday i was surprised it was kind of almost a full house but got a great deal from amc. If you sign up for amc stubs you get a free large popcorn on your birthday and drink depending on your membership.  There was no better way to start the movie than with Ana and christian romantic wedding. Note if you haven't seen the movie don't read this post spoilers ahead!
Threw out the movie i found it slightly interesting and at the same time slightly boring. I Give
it credit for making the movie extremely realistic. What made it slightly boring with some of the scenes are things we do in real life such as the honeymoon being at work and other things such as
learning how to cook and teaching your husband how to cook.  I kinda feel like threw out the boring scenes were just emptiness's trying to fill out the time and making the movie unnecessary longer. The only reason i got threw some of the scenes was because I'm a big fan of the series and support both
Dakota Johnson and Jamie doran work. Not to mention Christian grey is so handsome and charming perfect husband. They was some good scenes in the movie such as the suspense with jack Hyde and his return with his revenge.   If jack Hyde revenge story wasn't added to the movie i kinda feel like the movie would just be a big empty pool with no water and trying to swim in it.  He might be a crazy sexed villain psycho path manic but his storyline was what kept audiences oh my fucking god on the movie theatre seats.  That storyline and Anastasia storyline with her unexpected no pregnancy.
When the doctor told Anastasia she was pregnant i was like oh my and christian many emotions.
Christian despite the dominating man he is could sorta be a father he'll give the child the love he
always wanted.  Threw out the movie in the beginning we see Ana and Christan's wedding and then their interrupted honeymoon with jack attack being back. In the middle of the film which has scenes
that either felt like happened in the other movies or was just really realistic such as the scene where
christian takes Ana on a surprise trip with her friends. Other than that one of the most suspenseful parts of the film that got me on the edge of my seat was when jack tried kidnap Ana in her own apartment.
Which got me thinking holy f**** jack is back and he just tried to kidnap Ana in a very exotic
way. I gotta admit i think the part i like most about the film is christian of how he realizes what
he does and apologizes for it and saves Ana butt threw out the whole movie. In the end i loved
how Christian and Ana worked things and decided to work things out as parents. The ending
that jack got was alright though i hope he stays locked up in prison for a while. ( in which he probs will considering its the last film of the movie) . The two plot twists in the movie also
kept interesting.  It wasn't the best fifty shades movie i think the best one was fifty shades darker
and the first one was OK considering it introduced us to the characters and to the dominant world
of kinky sex and handsome dominant sweet guys.  I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars here is my overview of the series as a whole

fifty shades of grey 4 out of 5 stars - it introduced us to the storyline

fifty shades darker 5 out of 5 stars- its the best one in the whole series

fifty shades darker 3 out of 5 stars-Its way too realistic !

Thanks to atom tickets for supporting this site and letting me get to see movies not just
for movie night but for fun !  You can get 5 dollar ticket when you invite 3 friends and see game night for only 5 bucks when you see the movie threw the app and order your food ahead of time skip the lines and reserve your seats even days before the movie !.

  you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Friday, February 16, 2018

Fitness friday how to create a workout routine

 Fitness is one of the biggest keys to life's door and not to mention being healthy should
be a main key in life.  Eating healthy foods is a must for everyday life we wouldn't get our energy without our veggies fruits smoothies and the things we eat. Then there is also the yummy foods that have alot of fat but we still enjoy foods like pizza fatty chicken burgers and treats like candy and ice cream. We often hate our selves for eating those foods and punish our self's for enjoying it without realizing that we don't need to.  Sometimes i often realize there is no need for food punishment but creating a great workout routine can help get rid of those '' i cant eat you thoughts'' .  If you stick to a great workout routine and healthy habits you can be able to achieve anything and eat anything.  Here's how to create a good workout routine

1) Know your strengths and weaknesses - Don't do workouts that you cant do or don't workout if
you feel dizzy and sick

2) Do workouts that are good everyday can be different for example one day can be cardio
the other lower body and one day can be kickboxing not everyday same workout. For me i do
training 3 to 4 times for week at my gym on some days ill do cardio , or use the machines
for upper body and do the treadmill. If i feel really creative ill do fun workouts such as swimming
at my college or kickboxing or my favorite yoga. Its always good to change it up a bit and not do the same ole same ole.

3) Create a weekly schedule/keep a fitness calender -For example here's my workout schedule
next week

Sunday- Off
Monday-Cardio/yoga or swimming at school
Wednesday-Full body /machines/ or swim
Thursday-off or walk depends how i feel

it makes life so much easier to create a schedule and keep a journal as well

I hope this post helps you on creating a workout routine I'm no fitness professional but
can give you advice/tips leave me a comment below on your fitness routines and how you do them

you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie