Sunday, April 20, 2014

For Myriam

 Okay i havent really talked about it but i feel like if i write about it that ill stop thinking about her and be able to move on the healthy way. 
  So Months ago almost a yr the store where i met her first opened up last year near summer time. I Guess at first i saw her as just another worker you go to the store and usally workers are doing their job and dont pay mind to other people im not gonna talk about when it first opened to present day if i do i be writing a 365 pg book and i dont want to do that.  If you follow me on twitter you get tweets like Sad or missing myriam or depressed or very sad stuff like that bloom outta no where besides from my daily tweets you get those tweets since im very sad and express my feelings threw twitter and fb and all that social media and in my sophisasted journal which contain more personal stuff that i dont share with the world or anyone else and when i mean personal i mean personal. So yeah back to the orignal point of this post.  So me and myriam became friends in the most unexpected way well cool way. There this store i like to go to and i mean i go there alot more than eating a bag of potato chips in one day and i met myriam there and she would greet me and at first i found it a bit strange since no really notices me or says hi at times well store people when i see friends in public i say hi and stuff but a worker i got happy cause someone noticed me beyond my looks beyond my eyes and then i liked it cause i would go there and find any exuse to buy something just to see her i would go threw ads ahead of the dates and write down what i was gonna buy even if it was just candy and stuff or anything like when i had shaving stuff i would still go buy even more shaving stuff so i could see her and i would like it everytime i would see her she would get happy i felt like a friendship was developing and it was so cool and i even told her about my blog which was pretty cool and she was like the friend i  never had and truley amazing it was like being on the heaven cloud nine our friendship was beggning to grow happiness but one day and over the course of what felt like weeks i havent been seeing her no where i see new people but i dont see her and over spring break i stop by cvs and still no where afterwords after those days and well loneliness is being to hit my heart again i just feel sad and that our friendship is gone and slowly fadding i just been really sad about it like really sad i even cried a bit you know when a friendship is blooming it feels great but what happens when it stops when it stops at an end so yeah if you noticed why i havent blogged thats why and writing about her makes feel a little better i just wish she knew what she meant to me and stuff but as i cont to grow and head on to the future even though there is a possiblity i might or might not see her again just thinking her makes me happy and yeah thats why if you get sad tweets from me on twitter thats what been going on.

  Got a pocket full of Sunshine a pocket full of life

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dating: Does the size of a persons cone really matter?

  There is one thing i just don't understand how come during breaking dawn part one when Bella was losing her virginity to Edward she didn't scream and wasn't covered in blood and didnt get any injuries what so ever. I mean Edwards body is like ice pure ice and a ice block and yeah but its just a movie so not real life but now that i got your attention! lets talk about dating in general now being a sixteen teenager for the last ten yrs or more i always wondered what dating world is like i know its crazy and wonderment but yeah so for today's post we are gonna talk about well dating now growing up i always asked what to do and whats is like to fall in love? or what is love or what do in relationships? i got answers over the last sixteen yrs of my life but still never really understood them like for example what i don't get is why people laugh and mostly girls when guys have a small penis? like really i never really knew in intimacy that the size of a guys dick ''really mattered''. Like really what! Would girls like it if guys cared and laughed about the size of a girls vagina aka pear no right. So why care Is sex better or something depending on the size of you know a guys penis?  I Guess that's one of the questions ill really get answered in the dating world. Another question/thing i don't understand about dating is when girls or guys complain that their single.  Like really isn't dating someone meaning that you like them or in love with them ? not just dating them cause you feel dating someone would make you relevant. Like you cant force someone to fall in love with you or force your self to fall in love with anyone. That's one thing i don't understand about dating why care and cry about if your single like really your time would come when its ready. Another thing i don't understand about dating is the ''type'' now when for a period of time when i went to a counseling session i needed advice and turns out the advice i got was some of the advice i was giving to my viewers and i remember one session when we talked about ''types'' oh what is type of guy that i would wanna date all i thought during the session was irrelevant irrelevant but i didn't say out loud i don't like hurting peoples feelings and yeah what ''type?'' i don't think that exists.  When you fall in love or like someone you could like someone completely opposite of you and it could happen so does type really exist i don't think so. When it comes to dating wise they shouldn't be any rules period.  The only rule of dating is that both respect each other and make promises to keep not the irrelevant crap that those magazines and society makes. When it comes to dating it shouldn't be anyones business regardless of who they are.  So whats your opinion on dating? Leave me a comment below

Dating rules from society

From Sunday!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Night :)

 Its Sunday night and I'm really tired i read the fault in our stars last year and i am again this year reading it i love that book aka falling in love all over again with the amazing love story. I Love everything about the book expect the part where one of my fave characters not naming it but you know goes to heaven.  I'm still working on the memoir and it going up on April 9th 2014 aka Wednesday the day where its gonna be 2 months since my sixteenth birthday.  Its really special what happened to me on Wednesday that's why i want it the memoir to go up on Wednesday.  What you guys been up to? if you have memoirs memories you wanna share or anything that happened it could be anything about what happened last week today or even right now feel free to leave any comment on the comments below and if you are worried that your gonna be judged your not i wont allow that. Judgement free zone anyways i was just checking in and here are some dates to keep in mind my fellow sweethearts.

 Evening of April 9th 2014 My Memoir Chasing the NYC Skyline will be up Get ready to get emotional

 April 14th 2014 the new shaping hearts chapter goes up at

and of course tomorrow night at 8pm you can find me on twitter chatting with the cast of star crossed  don't miss star crossed Mondays at 8pm.

  You know ill always love you


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday Night :)

Happy Wednesday night i was planning to do the shaping hearts disusing all 3 chapters in one post but now I'm splitting the discussion for the 4 posts we are gonna talk about how the characters and setting and plotting and what inspired the novel. Ive had a fun time today and yes I'm writing a memoir about it and its gonna be up either Thursday night or weekend depending on how much homework i get and how much studying i need to do in order to get those good grades gotta practice and look over what you don't know and study it and work it till you get to it you know a students b students don't just be smart they work hard to get those grades.  Tonight is so good i think I'm sleep like a baby i think tomorrow all I'm do is go to school come home and rest i walked alot today and I'm sore and feel happy same time not really bothering me the soreness.  If You haven't you should follow me at my twitter handle @Precioussteph98 my only twitter handle i have face book but its only for me and my friends from real life and family people i know. But yeah you can like the page i made stop cutting

stopcutting fb page

How was your day ? I Wanna know leave it in the comments below and how are you feeling tonight ? happy sad anxious? i wanna know and we can talk about in the comments how crazy life is and ways to make happy and all fun stuff it all can happen in the comments below. I Love you all i wanted to make you a guys blog post even though i was sore and tired and I'm gonna go now go on fb play one round of family feud and then prob hit the hay bye.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Checking in..

Hi everyone i wanted to see how are were all you were doing up to ? I'm really tired and need to get to bed asap I've been stuck with studying and trying to get everything yes every little thing in time for the regents i got 4 3 new ones and one i have to retake.  I'm working on some new stuff pieces on my blog i would have blogged earlier but i was studying stopped went on fb and insta and twitter and then it was 8 o clock and star crossed came on and i was like omg i cant miss this episode.halfway threw star crossed my celebrity crush/favorite celebrity Ansel elgort started doing a live stream i found out threw twitter and i was like its Ansel elgort !! i cant miss this no so i stopped watching star crossed and watched his live stream literally most of it some parts i got up to check on my birds help out with my mom and get something to eat but my computer was still on so i heard it. It was the best night of my life i don't care what show is on even if its pll when Ansel elgort does a live chat/stream you drop everything his live streams are like heaven and it was more than words! anyways i pretty much used my hype machine and think its time for bed. Leave me in the comments below on your night and how it went  and leave questions below i wanna do a ask precious.: )