Monday, January 30, 2012

tampons .

its Monday should i go chocolate or a shirt that says i hate Mondays but some people are there girls use tampons i got and have the being girl kit which comes with tampons how to insert a tampon and pads.  For those who wear tampons wouldnt care much about this post.  BUT FOR THOSE WHO havent worn tampons and i dont either the only reason ill wear a tampon i get my period unexpectly at a boyfriends house hopefully ill have my pads in ready in my bag which ever girl should do just in case their period comes on anyways  this is a important topic i wanted to discuss.  tampons are not like pads they absorb blood flow but tampons dont have wings at all. when youre on youre period dont make it obsvious like dont go to a girls bathroom pull out a tampon in front of everyone.  its normal to be nervous about using a tampon its okay go to for more info . leave a comment below if you have qs about tampons ?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

oatmeal dunkin donuts mccafe or stephs homemade oatmeal?

so this oatmeal talk if you don't like to eat oatmeal you obviously haven't tried it which you're parents  didn't you give you oatmeal in you're entire life. now mccafe aka McDonald's has oatmeal dunkin donuts has oatmeal and well if you have a recipe of you're oatmeal special kind i do to. okay so i tasted McDonald's oatmeal fucking 2:50 for a small cup of oatmeal (Quaker) cream milk and fresh fruit. i wasted my money on that you could find all that stuff at you're local supermarket.  dunkin donuts has Quaker oatmeal with brown sugar and fruit the same exact items i have in my house cause Quaker oatmeal is the jam when you wanna eat oatmeal eat Quaker! you can make oatmeal in you re house.  put in the cup for on the go for breakfast. so here is my question would you rather eat oatmeal from a place like dd and Md's or make you're own comment below. PS would you add bananas and strawberries to you're oatmeal comment below.