Saturday, March 31, 2012

saturday super luv

 hi everyone today is Saturday and Shane Dawson first single superluv came out today go check it out its really amazing also spring break starts for me next week I'm like so hyped that i have a break coming up its like totes amazing these days you can go for a chocolate cake pancakes ice cream cinnamon toast  anyone excited when you get breaks if you do let me know in the comments below today is a day of reading walking eating and sleeping what do you on weekends do you hang out eat out stay home what do you do ? tomorrows lazy Sunday for me so i wont probably go out just go walking on spring break well gonna go have a great Saturday bye. leave me a comment about anything you want bye.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

loving the special someone and not caring what anyone thinks! ♥

So if theres someone out there you really love and is a good person sweet charming person not a criminal or anything like that you love the special someone but everyone like hes a no good for you youll never get anywhere with him or her well i want you to take those words and burn them dont listen to them you wont get anything but something but sadness if you listen to them if youre truley in love with this person chase after them dont ever let them go let them know how you feel like whats the point of feeling sad and let everyone torture you when you really love that person makes no sense at all just run their arms and tell them you dont care what anyone thinks and you wanna be with them itll make more sense remember dont let anyone torture love let it be free.  thanks for reading bye.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

us girls on their period and boys not understanding it

So girls like me get something we don't like called menstruation also known as period now every month we deal with cramps headache alot of drowsiness's and sometimes contractions and throwing up oh yeah we bleed alot too I'm not ashamed to be doing this blog post any girl who has a period already knows what this feels including me now i don't have a boyfriend but I've seen reality and they're are some things guys think their understand but don't about a girls period. when we get our period girls relating we don't like it it hurts it feels nasty and its disgusting please don't let me talk about the blood part ewe. anyways luckily we have tampons which i don't like and pads and period cup which the period cup i never tried and guessing it feels uncomfortable.  On with the post when us girls get cramps it hurts its like getting punched in the stomach for a long time taking a bat and beating up you're stomach for a long time try taking you're stomach and putting it over you're head yeah it hurts when i get it it makes me wanna rip my womb and stomach out no guy has ever had period cramps so they cant say they know what it feels like yes guys out there try a dog chewing you're friend down you're pants yes cramps is the worst part of the period while 7 days flowing with blood ! the blood why do we bleed it happens we are protected by that with period cups tampons and pads.
why do we get cranky ? our hormones are out of control the pain we feel we get mad but if i get mad because of that i wont take it on you.  every single guy out there don't assume a girl on her period oh because shes mad at you or getting really loud at you no that's how it works. so yeah i made this post for every single person out there female and male comment below of what you hate about menstruation aka you're period or if you're a guy comment one thing you hate when you know a girl on her period ? okay I'm off to go eat and then sleep soon bye.

since this post was about periods tweet follow onmyperi0d on twitter they're funny and comedy account and yeah are for girls bye .

Friday, March 9, 2012

love means facing youre biggest fears and facing fears !

Fears ! Something everybody has they might not tell you or you might you not tell anybody youre fears one of my biggest fears is heights im on the platform of a train and its high i get scared like scared if im gonna fall into the tracks or something it always happens one of my other fears is big dogs yes big big dogs not puppies everytime i see a big dog coming towards me i get scared and move away i had various nightmares of walking and getting bit by a big dog and chased by one those are 2 of my fears im not revealing any more fears i have fears are something everybody has whether a fear of flying drowing in a pool or something every has fears of something. anyways alot and most of the earth or everybody will fall in love with somebody whether its the opposite sex or same one it doesnt matter i mean you could fall in love with youre best friend a neighbor or a unexpected love but it happens! one of my favorite sayings i hear and will see on twitter " Love means youre biggest fears" its a true quote look  Cinderella walked on broken glass,
Sleeping beauty let a whole lifetime pass
Belle fell in love with a hideous beast,
Pocahontas risked her life for a feast,
Jasmine could have had anyone
instead she chose a poor man
Ariel walked on land all for love & all for life
it was all about blood, sweat & tears,
love's about facing your biggest fears.
youell find this quote on any website or site.

so walking on shatter glass and some people do anything for love so love also means facing youre big fears dont be afraid face youre fears and save the day bye

Tuesday, March 6, 2012