Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The idea of relationships Love needs to be in it

Hey I'm not blogging tomorrow so if your gonna go on my blog which you are free are to spend time there as long you like. Wednesdays are always are so short tomorrow my birds birthday Anita and i want to time with my little angel so no blogging tomorrow as you can tell smiley Wednesday is up early.   So when i think of relationships I Think of course 2 people together and just loving each other.  I have seen relationships fall less than a year and my experience of my first crush and the one that got away. Relationships are fucking serious to me whether theres crazy sex or not their fucking serious to me.  I Cant stand it when i see a guy treat a girl like shes nothing and calls them selves a "man" Really a real man does not a treat girl like shes nothing she might be so annoying and the worst person in a planet but i mean no one should a girl cry oh because she wants to impress him and he doesn't like her when i see that in a news. I watched Anderson show when it was at 4 and this girl was getting abused and treated like shit. If i ever see a guy slap punch or force kiss in front of me i will go there and make a devil scene girls are like bagels we need to treated nice and respected and no fear of getting beat up .   But then girls get all hypocrite and treat sweet nice guys the same way abusive then the guy does not want to leave her cause hes love her. No human or anything deserves that kinda treatment and your getting that kind of treatment get help before Death interferes in it.  Just giving you helpful advice if you like someone don't be afraid to tell them say i like you and if they reject you screw them there are missing out on a great person . My point is if theres no love in a relationship then whats is it what is it if there is no love ? Its just like a phone you cant even call ? What is it ? you tell me i want know your opinion on relationships anything about it leave me a comment.  I gotta go now so bye.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

your whole center shifts

Its like when you Awake from a nightmare and you feel terrified scared feared your whole body feels like shaking like a emotional explosion but when you find that special someone the nightmares are in prison hold the special person tight and you feel safe nothing like in arms of love cozy and warm - Stephanie Precious

So today is Sundae and you know what i mean Sunday blues.  I woke up this morning and saw my birds eating and i just felt so cozy and warm in my bed looking at the cage and see my birds eating.   I just hate it when i have a false awaking you know when your dreaming and you think your awake get up and do the morning routine but in reality your still asleep.  I have it with sleep paralysis so that's scary when that happens to me.   Has it happened  to you ? If it did or does let me know in the comments below.  All my life i always and still believe i have a soul sister not just by blood by souls connecting with each other i don't think i really found her yet or found that person yet.  I Just believe in alot of stuff as a christian i believed strongly in god and love.   How many of you have strong beliefs of life and love or something i don't really know much some of my viewers. So Let me know below Also its Anita week My bird Anita birthday is on Wednesday so yeah this week is all about Anita Angel and of course his wife Bobo his wife.   Let me know whats going on in your life ? talk about that special someone in the comments below your all part of the precious clan. Gotta go but leave comments see ya on smiley Wednesday !



Friday, November 23, 2012

whats with sex dreams ?

  They say your first time hurts you feel a little pain when your hymen breaks honestly when i experience my first time if it does hurt it doesn't really matter as long its in arms of someone i truly love and with the right one - Stephanie Precious

I'm pretty sure everyone well if your extremely young you probably have not but sex dreams happen in humans I'm pretty sure in animals too since they do mate .  Too be completely honest i have had sex dreams
 but we are not discussing mine. Basically the question i always wondered is why do us humans and I'm guessing animals have them so i googled it out of curiosity.   Some of the information i found didn't really explain it http://www.empowher.com/sexual-well-being/content/why-do-people-have-sex-dreams well a little bit.   But over minds what some of us cant have it ? So we dream about it ? Or we go to bed and its in our mind ? Or the fact that this is the most thing that we crave and it makes some of us happy ? Well after researching like i do out of curiosity i found this website really helpful http://www.lhj.com/health/sexual/what-do-your-sex-dreams-mean/  I mean No matter how much information there is out there i will never really understand sex dreams ? So here is my question for the day Do sex dreams seem weird to you ? or are you the type of person who waits for the right one or get it over with ? let me in the comments below bye.

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