Thursday, February 14, 2013

why valentines day is a scam

I know today's valentines day but what i have been saying all day is that why celebrate a day where your about to lose your virginity on the same day as a billion thousand other people are gonna do it. Or gonna buy the same gifts As other people are basically what I'm saying is that valentines day is celebrated well your just having the same cup of tea as everyone else. Love is special dates are special they are supposed special not a day when the whole world celebrates it .  So if your " forever alone " on valentines day supposedly just remember any day is a love day.   Friends family valentines day is not a real holiday cause love is everyday and i love you all consider me your sweetheart if you like i gotta go anyways ill always love you xoxo -  Cherry Precious 

Valentines day is not a real holiday if it were then that be like the devil saying only have one day to share your love no like everyday is a romantic day and a day to live for. 

Friday, February 8, 2013


Everyone its my birthday tomorrow so i wont be blogging ill be enjoying my special day so feel free to leave birthday wishes bye. - Precious Cherry