Monday, March 25, 2013

RIP BOBO 2012-2013

 Hi everyone my bird bobo passed away this morning we are very sad and i don't have any idea if ill be back??

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stephanie Cherry Precious and force of life

 When i started blogging on blogger i had one thing in mind everyone loving my blog and feeling like that people could have a second person they could count on note i didn't want to use my real last name that is kept private so i use Stephanie Cherry Precious.  Anyways being a blogger in general just other bloggers feeling like why we have to be questioned alot or why here to answer some peoples questions deep them you have them you have them so don't lie

1.  Why do i blog ?

I Blog because i love to blog i been blogging basically my entire life it started with a my space account i got so happy when i wrote a story and girls liked it but at the time i just went by my regular name just Stephanie. The whole Precious thing didn't come to later on when i got a blogger account.  I wanted to show the world what i can do help them let them vent get them away from all the bullshit in their life. That's when the creation Stephanie Precious came around i created her and became her around sixth grade i was going threw some tuff stuff like being bullied low self esteem and having one of my friends turing out to be a fake or just a pity.  The start of her Stephanie precious i knew i wanted to become someone.  Around 7th grade i met a new girl well she wasn't new i just started talking to her her name was Sarah we became close so quickly and i even told her about my blog.  Sadly the friendship was too good to be true and took a turn for the worse and ended in a heartbreaking way. But as soon as eighth grade ended i only had one thing in my mind those words My name is Stephanie Precious and i will change the world forever.

   2 Is it weird to have a blog and people reaction ?
    i get tons of reactions like why do you blog ? is it weird or they don't plain understand. If i really cared what people thought of my blog i would cancelled the Stephanie Precious dream drop all that down the drain and delete my blog no i don't care what people think of my blog i blog as part of my freedom.
   In this life people get judged UN fairly and so UN fair like really waste time to go ahead
and judge someone why i know all of you have been judged in someway or another so lets screw the world and be our selves.

   Whatever god has in store for me or the world I'm ready for it I'm up for the challenge.

 My name Is Stephanie Precious and ill change the world forever and ill always love you.