Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby Abby welcome to the precious family my little birdie

  So i have news like huge news so last week was one of the most roughest weeks of life our life meaning precious life my bird bobo died and well my bird Anita was depressed and so was i I'm not completely healed but yeah trying.  So this were this bird i had been seeing for a while i would call her Abigale and um I'm not trying to replace bobos place she would always be the queen of the house.  So i would just spend time with both birds during the mourning and the other day on Monday i couldn't take Anita sadness any longer i had school so i cant always be with him so i freaked out when i went to visit Abigale now we call her Abby. She was all by her self so i bought her and took her home . my sisters were with me. These couple of days has been strange I'm not completely used to waking up and seeing Abby siting there with Anita.  So as i said no one is trying to replace bobo and yeah I'm still sad.  Abby has been quiet the bird she has been climbing all over the cage. She is trying to get to know Anita as sometimes she follows him or gets near him. Last night when the birds moved in to the new change Anita was calling Abby to make sure she was okay and she moved over on the stick so he could sit.  Abby is loud too and screams and shouts whenever we put her near sunlight so does Anita. Abby is a white baby parakeet and we are glad to have Abby angel precious into our fam. We love Abby and Anita forever.