Monday, May 13, 2013

My Gym experience

So a friend gave me a gym pass and I went not gonna tell you which gym but hey what a first time experience wanna hear about it in words of a young teenager ? Well hear it goes prepare to laugh at least one bit.   Anyways today was my lucky day no homework so I went into the gym and had a great workout.  When I first entered with everyone working out and I had no f**** clue what to do . Should I do treadmill go on a bike do weights cardio  ? take a class so many things go threw my mind as none of my friends were able to come to the gym I say heck who cares I wanna work out and Wednesday is my salon day.  I Decided to go on the treadmill and being very familiar with it was cool just watching people exercise made me love just being there.  After the treadmill I got off took a drink of water and went on some bike pretty cool.  exercising knowing its good for your health feels so good.  After I got off the bike I heard the gym class teachers saying " Get off the treadmill who's here for this class ladies get off the treadmills equipment lets work out''. I really wanted to take that class but I wanted to explore this wonder too.   I Did some jumping jacks and I went on the cardio machine but didn't like it and wont go back to it how the hell do you work a cardio machine after 10 Min's of just peddling for no reason and no results I got off.   Then of one of the teen girls showed me around the gym we went on this thing arm workout and It was pretty great I did some more treadmill after feeling dizziness I left the gym and went home. Feels good to work out and I guess what I gotta a another gym pass.  So my workout was good and feel great knowing I exercised. So tell me what was your favorite exercise experience ? let me know below
    You know ill always love you