Sunday, June 9, 2013

just stopping by from study break

hi everyone though I stop by take a mini break from studying you know stopping by I miss all of you so much last week I got a little really emotional without blogging and a study paranoia going nuts thinking I'm not gonna pass my exams at all when it reality I might be actually been practing memorizing formulas and cm on basic stuff algebra and us history that's like yeah not a piece of cake but a good cake. This summer like my parents told me if I succeed which I probably will get the gym membership I'm not gonna be a different person just because I go to the gym or spend some time outside you guys if you don't already know I was once a fitness blogger but then became a quitter and gave up well no god taught me and my decreased bird may she be heaven bobo taught me don't be a quitter like don't give up and a couple of months ago I think I was walking there wasn't the train I was going to take a busI was walking tripped over a crack and even though I was wearing long sweatpants scrapped part of my knee and left a tiny mark on my hand which by the way it healed I was walking and I remember I was near a store and my pants felt wet and I had realized my knee was bleeding and gross I had thoughts at the time to wax my whole legs I got sicking tired of having to shave my legs so I wanted to do a wax anyways I got a nappin put pressure on it and yeah but anyways after that time I was like hey why quit on something just because it doesn't work out like no things happen mistakes happen accidents occur but its all part of life and life was like world Disney all happy what would we learn ? we would learn only a few things not a lot .  Last summer I lost 4 weeks of my summer most of it cause some stupid mistake the state made but it wasn't just a stupid mistake it was my belief this might sound weird or whatever you wanna put it but before the July hit before the results came I had the same paranoia but it was way worse I guess it was so stuck in my head your not pass your not gonna finish middle school that it actually happened and when I started believing that it was a mistake what you know it was a mistake so I not gonna put so much pressure on my self to the point where I get severe paranoia . I gotta go study for us history and I love you all while your at go blast in the past read past posts bye
                                             be back soon-Precious