Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stephanie's Workout tips and suggestions when exercising

Hi everyone if its your first time reading my blog no I'm not a health/fitness expert just a teen girl who loves to blog during free time and stuff.

  • When exercising be sure to having something that hydrate you i know its guilty pleasure but stuff like coffees and soda doesn't really keep you hydrated especially when going with a a intense workout Drink water
  • Don't over do it if you feel like you had enough you had enough!!!
  • Do small paces and breathes in breathe in and out 
Eat something really healthy after your workout something that ll keep you full like fruit and stuff.

Those are some of my workout/exercise tips exercise expand your lifespan and live longer and healthy.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rip Talia Joy

Hi everyone so this morning if you havent heard Talia joy the 13 yr old inspartional beauty guru who has been fighting cancer for six years. A very aggresive cancer and she passed away at 11:22am this morning she battled it for so long and i just wanna send prayers to her and family and fans thousands and now million fans rip Talia rest in peace