Friday, August 30, 2013

Random post seriously tons of makeup

Hi everyone so sorry i have been Mia missing out i have school in 2 weeks so i have to prep for that actually only next week so yeah if i dont write any blog posts for like 2 3 days dont stop reading my blog cause i noticed the views went down on my blog no im not femming for views but that means less people stop reading true fans stick with me till the end in my opinon. Fall is coming up so the summer posts will that feeling will be going away and fall feeling will kick in and the holiday feeling will be already kicked in by end of october. Tomorrow i will be doing my first annual back to school makeup shopping like ever i might be fifteen i dont wear alot like powder mascara eyeshadow mascara and a lip bit of lip color could do the trick i really don't understand but here is me doing my makeup and girls across the world NOT TRYING TO MOCK ANYBODY I WATCH BEAUTY GURUS WHO ARE MY AGE AND CLOSE TO MY AGE.

Me typical makeup routine includes
Maybe putting powder on face to brighten the look or cover any under circle blemishes
then applying eyeshadow sometimes trio then applying mascara and then applying either just lip balm or lip liner with
lip gloss

Other girls my age or even close
First apply some expensive creme i never even heard of then apply some beaming thingy
then apply cover girl some what concealer then some foundation then with some powder next I'm gonna apple primer (primer is good i forgot to mention for eye shadows). to the eyelids then apply the body eye i don't really know but the eyeshadow stays on then apply eye liner mascara then some other expensive crap that isn't necessary .

My point is is that if your just going to school you need to put on tons of makeup especially if your like in middle school or something so yeah my opinion's on this blog post are on my own leave me a comment below on your makeup back to school or just anything related to beauty or just feel free to comment i gotta go bye and PS. Thanks for understanding lack of posts i start school September 9th so i need to prep.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Love Rclbeauty101

Hi everyone so almost the beginning of 2013 i discovered videos of Rachel aka rclbeauty101 on YouTube. I just got addicted to her videos i began watching them for hours and i realized we had a connection. One day i followed her twitter and pray that she tweet me and she did i was jumping when i saw this tweet

Awesome moment she also has favorited alot of my tweets shes one of the people who were there
for me when i fell into a depression when my bird bobo passed away we spoke i think it was in email
and i just felt alot better.I'm not really close to my sisters anymore life happens.
Shes is amazing i love all of her videos and shes one of the greatest humans on earth i consider her kinda like a best friend you know. I hope you check her out on YouTube and Rachel if your reading this i love you and hope one day you can follow me on twitter @precioussteph98 and become a fan of angel wings so much more to come on this blog .