Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bullying why be a bully ?

There is one thing i don't tolerate in this world first of all when someone insults my friend second of all something huge like bullying occurs bullying happens everyday threw the Internet on social networks probably even emails everywhere people who bully are assholes that's right assholes and they number one need to get a fucking doctor and get a mental evaluation and get a cat scan something must be wrong with their body. What gives anyone a reason to determine if someone is ugly stupid strange for no apparent reason.  If your ever been bullied and you feel like you need to do self harm don't don't feel like your worthless stupid cause you are not you are a beautiful person and i love you.  If your feel like doing self harm because of bullying don't if you kill your self any of you i will cry and i will be fucking mad at you not just me everyone else . Life can be hard all that bullshit that happens all that people who come into your life and stab you in the back and it sucks new friends will come people come and then they leave so on so on if you love someone chase them tell them no matter what the cost . If your bullied talk to me I'm here don't let that ugly bully get to you bullies are ugly not people they are not people to me they are marins from mars they have no feelings i love you all of you with all my heart and i know its hard if your being bullied or going threw a struggle but yeah i got you also to ones who have a happy day which it should be cheers to cheers to life .  What do you want me to call you everyone precious family my sweet roses let me below I'm gonna go now bye.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Smiley wednesday christmas september?? dedication to 3 strong girls from the cleveland trio and to bobo whos been gone for 7 months

Hi everyone welcome back to smiley Wednesday's for those who forgot what smiley Wednesday is its a segment on my blog where ill give shout outs and talk whats in the news. This week on


Sarai Jones tweets

If you don't know who sarai is aka krazyrayray shes a beauty guru on YouTube and sometimes i post the links from her vids into my blog congrats sarai you deserve it on your hard work on twitter and YouTube.

On Face book now that getting extremely boring the only reason i still have my account to follow news
on Taco bell speaking of taco bell taco bell posted
Taco bell getting rid of my fave drink the pink lemonade one regardless of fave drinks why taco bell why do this ? You take away the fans want stop it TB.

In the news Ariel Castro had killed himself in his prison cell i decided to put this as part of smiley Wednesday its a big relief for the girls Amanda Gina and Michelle god bless their souls and hope they lives are recovering now Ariel Castro is getting burned in the underground and I'm glad hes there he is gonna burn there for eternity.

Also in the news
 Read the article
 Wow ! a man could eat 43 fast food fatty sandwiches and not get a heart attack probably has a nuclear body or something wait that make any sense what i just said?

Christmas in September
Kmart aired a Christmas commerical this month and it has received much controversy honestly i don't
think it needs that much i think its smart enough for people to start Christmas shopping now so that way by December they have like 10 presents be smart.

So anyways time for the shout outs from twitter and random people

Twitter shout out goes out to amycat728 hey girl your amazing and if your
reading this i love you amazing.

The other shout out goes to Megan from meganheartsmakeup on YouTube from YouTube

That's it for smiley Wednesday this weeks feel free to comment below and comment below i love you guys bye

Friday, September 13, 2013

The many types of Oreos (oreo tastic)

I was saving this post for tomorrow but i was afraid i was gonna forget the idea so I'm writing it now so i wont lose the idea it has happen many times ill have a post for Wednesday then when Wednesday comes i forget what i was gonna write and go threw a mind hunt. Okay so growing up i ate oreos i ate them as long as i can remember. The milk chocolate cookies are so awesome the original oreos after that came out the Oreo company started multiplying and more oreos started to come out when golden oreos came out i was excited and i still love them they are amazing. What i don't get well maybe cause they wanna make money but why oreos started coming out with weird and many flavors like rainbow sherbet ice cream golden chocolate peanut butter birthday cake which is awesome i tried it before candy cane/peppermint oreos gingerbread Halloween oreos which is just oreos regular the creame is orange is instead of white FYI there is also gingerbread the Oreo flavor i found the weirdest was candy corn i think its too sweet and just crazy weird i have not seen crazy weird about them i cant find them anywhere in my area but if you find them and try them let me know. The many flavors of oreos question Oreo company when are you gonna make pumpkin spice Oreo? Leave me a comment on anything oreos or just feel free to comment on anything

                                               you know ill always love you