Thursday, November 28, 2013

Theres alot to be thankful for ..

Happy getting stuffed day and well basically happy turkey day thanksgiving basially everyday i mean theres is a lot to be thankful for and not just one day of the year.  Heres what i am thankful for. 

Taco bell
My parakeets Happy birthday Anita and queen abby. 
My mom.
My warm house 
Yummy food 
My youtube family rachel sarai shane and so much more. 
My real family 
All the angels in heaven 
Being born in ridgewood
Candy canes 
My former teacher ms ludwig. 
makeup i love lipproducts
money not big money 
My crush 

So what are you thankful let me know below and have a happy safe thanksgiving and a warm holiday season. 


Thursday, November 21, 2013

young blogger stephanie precious is happy for a fresh start.

Young blogger Stephanie Precious who sparked the world with her blog and previous blogs over the years. The blogger whose been literally blogging for almost a decade is happy in what she considers a second shot of life and a new start.

 What happened to you this morning that made you realize don't take life for granted and to live each moment slowly and wisely ?

Well when i was running late this morning i got off the bus the mta bus and i was crossing the street and almost got hit by a school bus since the light changed and they were no cars or nothing thank god i ran to the sidewalk that moment was frightening and scary i literally thought for a sec i was gonna get ran over that was a lesson and trust me I'm okay now after that panic.

Stephanie Precious says at times she felt trapped ln life since dealing with loneliness but didn't really feel lonely when shes with her birds.

When I'm with my birds i don't care whats going on i love them so much .

Stephanie's bird Anita birthday 7th is next week on Thursday and it'll be a celebration.

I love Anita hes the bird who taught me to be strong really strong and i love him so much.

It'll also be the first thanksgiving for Stephanie's bird Abby who Stephanie also has grown such a strong bond with.

I love both Abby and Anita i love so much their are my world and they are the first faces i love to see when i come home from school or outside.

The young blogger also has alot in stuff in store for blog and for her online novel .

Working on my blog and school is not easy but i can handle it you can do anything you just gotta set your mind to it.

Stephanie whose also been singing for the past 11 years says she happy for her original Christmas song to come out next Friday.

I'm writing it and the thing is people don't understand that I'm a sing and i don't care if you don't like it I've been singing for the past 11yrs since i was four I'm fifteen now so I'm gonna cont to sing till well forever.

Stephanie has created a page for people who cut and suicidal people not just teens the face book page was created to help self harm and suicide and to help stop depression the page has received over 100 likes on face book.

I think everyone is special and the truth is i hate hurting people in arguments once i find out i hurt someone and their really good i just feel upset about it.

The young blogger will cont to grow and learn and develop

Everyone is special and don't forget you all honey buns.

The best Christmas ever comes out next Friday just in time for the Christmas season.

Christmas Gift Guide For HER!

national hug day

Hi everyone so i came up with share a hug day which is basically you go to anyone in your life and give them a hug. A hug as for love respect the loyality and all the times they have been there for you. So tomorrow share a hug day give someone a hug.

quote of the day share the love and dont forget to love your self too.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lets help stop cutting !!

Hi everyone so i made posts like this lots of times i would cont to make millions of posts like this we need to get the word out we need to stop cutting not only that we need stop sucide attempts and sucides and anything wasteful in our human planet.  If any of you kill your selfs or even cut your skin or doing anything harmful im gonna very upset so upset. At times you might not feel like theres no one when they really is you have me and dont forget that. So join the fight

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