Sunday, February 9, 2014

My sixteen birthday!!

First of all can i take one moment to say thank you to god for giving me life and blessing me for this  wonderful life and im completely blessed for my fam who took me out to manhattan for my sixteen birthday i couldnt believe it in total shock we even had two birthday dinners amazing im so thankful for the little piece o
f forever

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Steph answers sixteen questions in honor of b-day and blog anniversy !

1. What are you doing for your sixteen birthday?
 im celebrating it two days straight sat and sun sat im going to the city with my fam eating johnny rockets and being in the city and sunday im staying in town and celebrating it with my fave place and people aka taco bell.

 2.  Do you have a boyfriend?
  No i dont and honestly all my life by the time i turn sixteen i always thought i had one but im glad i dont wanna rush any relationship i also thought i lose my innocence on that night glad thats not gonna happen as i said not trying to rush anything in my young life.

3. Do you like fish sticks?
 i dont know i like fish but i havent had fish sticks since elemerty school and that was so long ago as im a high school sophomore now.

4. What are you anxious about in the future?
 passing my regents i already failed one 3 times history and i dont ever wanna fail any regents again my hs wants me to take 5 in june but im only taking 4 history global l.e and english since those are the ones i need for my local dipolmia.

5. Do you like oatmeal?

yes i do mix that with yopalit yogurt and fruit and brown sugar and cinnamon and milk whole milk amazing!!

6. Is there anyone special in your heart right now?

yes but its not a bf or anything

7. Do you like raisin bran?
yes i also like special k the cereal chex mix the cereal regular cheerios honey nut cheerios cinnamon toast crunch captain crunch berry cereal apple jacks fruit pebbles and frosty flakes and honey comb my mom bought a whole bunch of those growing up.

8 what is your favorite songs at the moment?

human by christina perrie and blink by revive

9. Favorite restarant?

how many times im gonna say this taco bell.

10.  Do you like cake?

cupcakes to be exact golden ones.

11. are you fan of one direction?

i wouldnt call my self a fan since i dont know anything about the band expect for
the stuff i read in the internet and tabolid magazines.

12.  Favorite movie?
Great gatsby and thirteen going on 30.

13. what are your favorite tv show?
the carrie diaries and pretty little liars

14. What is your favorite book?
the fault in our stars by john green. We are nerd fighters!

15.  If you could turn back time anything you would change?

a whole lot like applying to my dream hs and a chance of getting in i doubted my self so i didnt apply or transfer but yeah i think im sucessful being in honors math and honors english.

16. Favorite place to be at?
the pedersaion plaza where i like to write and do other journaling and manhattan more partically times square.

Stephanie sixteen birthday is this weekend she turns sixteen on sunday!