Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dating: Does the size of a persons cone really matter?

  There is one thing i just don't understand how come during breaking dawn part one when Bella was losing her virginity to Edward she didn't scream and wasn't covered in blood and didnt get any injuries what so ever. I mean Edwards body is like ice pure ice and a ice block and yeah but its just a movie so not real life but now that i got your attention! lets talk about dating in general now being a sixteen teenager for the last ten yrs or more i always wondered what dating world is like i know its crazy and wonderment but yeah so for today's post we are gonna talk about well dating now growing up i always asked what to do and whats is like to fall in love? or what is love or what do in relationships? i got answers over the last sixteen yrs of my life but still never really understood them like for example what i don't get is why people laugh and mostly girls when guys have a small penis? like really i never really knew in intimacy that the size of a guys dick ''really mattered''. Like really what! Would girls like it if guys cared and laughed about the size of a girls vagina aka pear no right. So why care Is sex better or something depending on the size of you know a guys penis?  I Guess that's one of the questions ill really get answered in the dating world. Another question/thing i don't understand about dating is when girls or guys complain that their single.  Like really isn't dating someone meaning that you like them or in love with them ? not just dating them cause you feel dating someone would make you relevant. Like you cant force someone to fall in love with you or force your self to fall in love with anyone. That's one thing i don't understand about dating why care and cry about if your single like really your time would come when its ready. Another thing i don't understand about dating is the ''type'' now when for a period of time when i went to a counseling session i needed advice and turns out the advice i got was some of the advice i was giving to my viewers and i remember one session when we talked about ''types'' oh what is type of guy that i would wanna date all i thought during the session was irrelevant irrelevant but i didn't say out loud i don't like hurting peoples feelings and yeah what ''type?'' i don't think that exists.  When you fall in love or like someone you could like someone completely opposite of you and it could happen so does type really exist i don't think so. When it comes to dating wise they shouldn't be any rules period.  The only rule of dating is that both respect each other and make promises to keep not the irrelevant crap that those magazines and society makes. When it comes to dating it shouldn't be anyones business regardless of who they are.  So whats your opinion on dating? Leave me a comment below

Dating rules from society

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