Monday, August 11, 2014

Rip Robin Williams 1951-2014

 I just wanted to take some time for all of us to have a moment of silence for robin Williams as we remember not only his work but the eternity and full of hope and laughter he gave us he passed away earlier today and he will forever be missed by all of us sending condoloes to his family and his friends robin Williams played a big apart in our childhood and he will be deeply missed. Rip Robin you earned your wings now and we will forever be grateful for you. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throwback thursday : I Met a celebrity bethany mota

 Last Monday i got up and i went to times square in Manhattan NYC i went not just to be in the city but to meet Bethany mota who was gonna be at the aeropostale in times square that day so i went over there and i waited for her and i waited in the line for almost 4 hrs i really wanted to see her i was with other motivators which was really awesome and cool and amazing i met her i was so emotional and everything here is the pic of her autograph i had another one which can be seen on my twitter page @precioussteph98 it came out blurry and i was so in a roller coaster of emotions its Bethany mota and everything.   Meeting her was amazing experience she taught me fame isn't everything its not it might seem like it its not I've been wanting to keep it a secret at first i felt like revealing i met her would only get me ''fans'' just because i met her but then i realized that i have supporters who love me no matter what and i thank you for that. I'm gonna do now I'm gonna do some filming later on for my YouTube channel i love you all bye.