Sunday, September 28, 2014

What is love?

 So i was watching the fault in our stars the movie and yes i read the book yes i loved it it was heart warming it was tearful it was so many feels it was a roller coaster of tears. Another love story that i wanna see is the best of me yes its based on a nicholas sparks book and it love story it stars liana liberto and many more amazing people and i wanna see is fifty shades of grey now before you start yapping about fifty shades of grey isnt a love story yes it is it just involves alot of abusive/hot/kinky sex. I Read fifty shades of grey all books and i read cosmopolitan on a daily basis.  Another love story i like is the notebook it proves one thing opposites attract and no matter how hard you try you cant fight destiny love is a swirl of emotions and its a mystry.  Im curious about whats its like to fall in love ? and that curiousty well i like to write about my curiosties and things that make me happy.  Im not bragging about love or whining about how i havent found the soulmate love yet? as i said im curious about it? I Wrote this post i wanna hear your love stories whether its with an ex boyfriend current boyfriend? husband crush? leave me in the comment below and yes i know my time will come but i just wanted to hear your love story and comment how does love feel like ? leave me in the comments below and i love you guys and im sheduling this post for the morning so have a great sunday :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why im agaisnt abortion

  Today i wanted to talk about a talk pretty much alot of women go threw everyday every month and every second and everyday i honestly think that anyone who has a abortion should go to jail and should go to prison mainly because their murdering someone and people who do that go to prison and they go to jail now your probably wondering why am i talking about abortion on my blog have i had a abortion? No i never even had sex and even if i were to be sexually active i would get protection even if its that would mean to ask my school/youth center for it then yeah i would you guys are gonna learn my view on sex in another blog post that's separate from this one but i hear stories in movies real life on the news on the Internet these days you can find out anything on the Internet and yeah when i hear someone getting a abortion especially if its anyone i mean any women whether they are an adult or not still you can be 56 ill still be against abortion choice or not first things first if a women or a guy is sexually active they should always keep a condom on them they should keep condoms in the car guys always wear big pants and have wallets ladies have pocket books and carry so much stuff in there ladies i know carry like a million things in there so no one would know that you have condoms/birth control in the bag and that way when you have unexpected sex and don't want a kid then yeah your protected. Abortion if you accidentally get pragent women/girls shouldn't kill the baby cause its not their fault and then those who give the baby for adoption later in life winding up regretting it and then crying over it. Abortion is basically murder in its murder hurting a innocent thing so my point is abortion is wrong and women should be really smart before they think about having unprotected sex and then don't wanna a baby and then wind up getting pragent that's just insane so yeah i just wanted to share my point on abortion i wanna know your opinion on abortion feel free to say anything about it i wont get mad if you say your not against it i love love love you guys bye.