Friday, November 21, 2014

How to deal with a broken heart

   Broken hearts are the worst things to deal with they literally hurt like a wrecking ball and a heart actually breaking they hurt more than your favorite TV show getting cancelled or getting injury or being sick they hurt like a thousand knives stabbing your heart basically what I'm trying to say is that broken hearts aren't easy to deal with and they last longer than a day and whether a broken heart is from a breakup relationship or friendship or any other breakup it can be hard but they are healthy ways of dealing with it. Many people you know go to bars and get drunk and super drunk that they lose their mind and wind up having sex with someone and wind up getting a sexually transmitted disease or something ok maybe I'm being a bit too dramatic with the whole std thing but you get my point right with people doing so many dramatic things after they suffer from a breakup another thing people usually do after a breakup that is unhealthy is that they do drugs get high and also they either don't eat for days which all those scenarios I just described all unhealthy ways of dealing with a breakup which can be scary but dealing with a breakup like that your only harming your self and your body. The healthy way to deal with a breakup is that you could go a trusted friend and talk about it a real trusted friend who you know what tell anybody once you go to that trusted friend and tell them everything about that breakup you'll feel a relief knowing that someone listened to you and that your not alone in the horrible breakup and also another healthy way is take a box put everything you guys shared things like photos clothing and all that stuff but not anything that is alive like pets and but once you put those things in a box its a sign that your closing things in a box that your closing a chapter of your life away and leaving space to make room for a new one. Breakups are hard to deal with and you wondered why you wasted your time on them? What went wrong ? why did it have to end? Is their new girlfriend or boyfriend have better looks than I do? all those questions that wanna be answered during a breakup or heart break but we must know even though someone does leave and It doesn't work out someone else will arrive you'll get something better something way better than you had before when one door closes another opens.  Since this post is about breakups feel free to comment anonymously if you want to about your breakup stories and lets help deal with a broken heart together the healthy way.

You know ill always love you