Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wanna get free food on your birthday?

Hi everybody today I'm gonna show you how you can get free food on your birthday

Eclubs if you sign up for these eclubs you'll get free food on your birthday and some just for signing up.

Cinnabon- If you sign up for cinnabons eclub you get a coupon for a free minibon just for joining and also you get a mocha chillata chill on your birthday.

Sbarro- At sbarro you get a free NY pizza slice just for joining and on your birthday you get a free pizza slice peporaii or cheese with the purchase of a drink.

Ihop- In ihop you get free pancakes fresh and fruity tooty pancakes just for joining you also get a free fresh and fruity tooty on your birthday and on the anniversary of joining.

Apples bees- you get a free entree for your birthday.

Jamba Juice if you join their insider rewards you also get a free birthday smoothie and other savings.

Dunkin Donuts if you join DD Perks you also get a free medium beverage any size on your birthday.

Krispy Kreme- You get a free donut just for joining and a free donut and fountain or small coffee just for joining.

Carvel- you get a free birthday cone or small soft serve.
Note I'm not getting paided for this I just want you to know how you can get free food on your birthday and from eclubs.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Asking life questions

Note these are randomly questions not in any organized category.

What will happen if you blend a turkey in a blender will it still taste like a turkey?
 If you ever had a blended McDonald's happy meal can someone give detail on how it tastes?
What does it feel like to be in airplane ?
Whats so good about chiplote ?
What does the size of a guys penis really matter? why if its small does it hurt less during sexual intercourse? if its larger is it more satisfying?
Why fifty shades of grey so popular? do people not like a porno with kinky sex story with dominance and character? isn't it the type of movie you wanna watch alone with your boyfriend or girlfriend in a warm bed with condoms on the side of the dresser?
is it possible to travel threw time ? like Marty and doc?
Why do guys like breasts so much ? not all but some ? is it because when they were born they drank breast milk?
Why should a girl worry about the size of her boobs big or small or perky? every girl should embrace their natural boobs ?
  Would you cookie still taste good if it only had baking soda and flour and water?
   Can soulmates feel each other pain?
 Whats the true meaning of life?
Why are they starving children and families across the world when the government has money?
  Is there a secret cure for HIV and cancer?
will a McDonald's meal break down after 30 yrs?
what will happen if one day pigs actually flew from the sky?
Are they any other pancake houses besides ihop?
why do diets exist ?
 why do hypocrites complain about other hypocrites?
What would happen if celebrities ate freely ? and were all chubby?
can oreos break down ?
 Do all wishes made in fountains come true?
can people who are frozen come back to life one day?
do people who watch TV from home actually count as viewers ?

I Hope you enjoyed this blog post of asking me asking random questions about life leave a comment below on your life questions or any questions you simply have for the world.  I love you guys and ill talk to you guys later bye.

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How to get out a trapped life relationship part 2 for the guys

Yesterday I did my trapped relationship posts how to get your self out of a trapped relationship and this part 2 of the blog posts this one for the guys. Guys if your go out shopping with your girl and your girl makes you empty out your wallet and makes you pay for her shoes clothes her perfume from Victoria secret and leaves your wallet so empty you have little to money left chances are she was just using you she use that money for some other irrelevant things guys if your at the mall or at the shop don't pay for your girls things she has her own money she can pay for her own f******* crap and if she doesn't want to and says oh if you don't this I'm gonna sent out that sext of you or break up with you or break up with you. you scream at the bitch and make a scene of how you are gonna do the same thing to her guys you shouldn't have to take crap from a girl if she has money she can buy her own f******* crap.  Another thing if a girl is telling you you don't good with your physical appearance like your hair is too long your beard is too beardy or you have two much facial hair and you have glasses and your sense of clothing is too this or too that chances are shes just with you for your physical appearance and that's not love that's plain lust and plain nonsense you shouldn't be with someone if you they want you to change your physical appearance now if its your clothing if its baggy and showing your under body parts then no unacceptable but if its your physical appearance no you shouldn't have to change it at all. Guys if your in a trapped relationship save your self before its too late. 

 I hope you guys enjoyed this post on how to get out a trapped relationship for the guys leave me a sweet comment below and ill talk to you guys later.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to get out of a trapped relationship Part one for the girls

 I Thought I write this post based on what I see on everyday life and the suffering many woman and men go threw in relationships now for starters no I'm not in everybody relationship business and what they do its none of my concern or business but its like times whether I'm at the mall or in the city or just in my hometown where I see a men getting yelled at for not doing this for this girl or doing that or buying her this or that or when guys get mad because a girl didn't do this or that or she looks pale without her makeup on or she didn't give him this its those things that make both woman and men feel trapped in relationships. Now for the ladies you don't have to feel like for example if you have to cook for your man or make him and his buds sandwiches while they watch football games and sports or something and your tiring your self out in the kitchen while instead of that you could be having fun with your girlfriends going shopping and getting your nails done. If your man makes you cook for him because ''you have to'' you don't make him that sandwich for him and his buds you tell him to go make his own food and to get his f****** ass in the kitchen and to stop being a lazy f****! you scream at him like that because men know how to cook and make food just like ladies do and if your afraid that's hes gonna hit you you take the phone and show him that if he lays one finger on you his next home will be in a car to jail.  Ladies you don't have to cook for your man he can cook for himself.  Another thing for ladies if you feel like your man is cheating you and being unfaithful if you can interrogate that son of a bitch until he spills the beans if you ask him

Lady: Hey we need to talk
Guy: OK about what?
Lady: About your faithness
Guy: Faithful babe I've been faithful to you why are you cheating on me?
Lady: No I think your cheating on me

If our man answers nervously no I'm not or his eyes make the movement that look to the left and to the right chances are hes cheating you because most cheaters don't admit their cheating even when they are caught in the act.  If your man makes feel that way cheating making you cook and clean and making you feel like crap or making you feel like a slut or doesn't make time for you and doesn't fight for you and doesn't treat you like the lady and princess you are chances are hes not the right for you and you should leave his ass because you deserve better and much better than jerks and douchebags.
Ladies save your self in the pain if your in the trapped relationship save your self before its too late aka break up with him.

      I hope you enjoyed the first part of my trapped relationships blog posts leave me your sweet comments below and ill talk to you later.

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Hi im alive

 Its been a really time since I've updated my website but I took some time off to mourn and deal with the sadness that Anita was no longer here with us and that hes in a better place in heaven now and he would have wanted us to move on everybody knows that losing a loved one isn't easy and that its hard first couple of days their gone you wake up and they are not there and no matter who comes into your life no one could ever replace them. I'm finally starting to feel happy again and start a new life after Anita's passing ill never forget him he will always be there in my heart always.  Me and my family added a new edition to my family a new bird named Sammy Angel we got him so while I'm at school Abby wont feel so alone and hes amazing green budgie.  Hard times are hard times you must go to threw them the healthy way and not by doing drugs or drowning your self in things such as alochal.  I'm officially back in the blogosphere after taking some time off. I Wanna know what you guys been up to? hows life? and how are you feeling today? leave your lovely comments below and ill talk to you to guys later love you bye.