Monday, March 30, 2015

Tribute to Selena Quintanilla on 20th anniversy of her death

On March 31st 1995 early morning Selena Quintanilla Perez had gotten up that morning and left her husband Chris sleeping she got up and went to meet up with the president of her fan club Yolanda salvidar Yolanda had missing documents Selena needed for taxes and Yolanda had also been embezzling money from Selena and signing forged checks that morning Selena had taken Yolanda to a hospital after she claimed she was rape there was no signs of rape and Selena and Yolanda had cont to argue and when Selena and Yolanda returned to the hotel room Selena had realized she had missing documents and her Yolanda argued and Yolanda pulled a gun from her purse and shot Selena in the back serving a artery Selena ran out of the room bleeding to death Selena collapsed in the lobby and she was taken to a hospital doctors found the damage too severe and irreplaceable Selena had died at 1:05pm from severe blood loss and cardiac arrest Yolanda salividar after a nine hour standoff that night was arrested and convicted with life imprisonment and with possibly of parole in the year 2025 though I doubt shes getting out that bitch is gonna rot for taking away our queen of tejano this post is dedicated to Selena Quintanilla
A movie dedicated and biopic to Selena was released in 1995 starring Jennifer Lopez as Selena
One of my favorite songs from Selena was dreaming of you makes me think positive about my love life and also dreaming of you was one of the last songs Selena had recorded it was for her Spanish English cross over album
Selena and Chris anniversary falls on April 2nd 1992 they would have probably 5 kids like Selena wanted .
Selena and Chris married Mr and ms Perez.

Selena Quintanilla We are still dreaming of you keeping your voice alive while your singing in heaven .

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