Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ten ways to make your life better and less complicated !

  1.  Go to the gym going to the gym is not for everyone but just by doing 40 Min's of treadmill walking squats zumba weights cardio spinning your life increases by ten years and that means ten extra years of life and not all gyms crack the bank some gyms cost as low as 10 dollars a month and you don't even a gym to work out working out for free at a park is also cool too !!
  2.  Go to college now before you say oh I don't have to go to college or college is not for everyone without college you wont find fancy jobs that you will give you the career you want unless your lucky enough or don't really want the paradise and glamorous life.
  3. Eat desserts eating desserts like ice cream gives the body endorphins which make life a lot easier forget the diet eat desserts/yummy treats !!
  4. Stop Complaining for every little thing if you hate your life simply try to solve the equations of your life that you don't like and try to take em out or solve them think to your self someone else is probably going threw a whole lot worse.
  5. Go to places that you like places that make you happy like clubs restaurant's museum's parks or even the city and the outdoors or malls.
  6. Play video games video games helps release stress a common bother hard to fight.
  7. Go to the movies or watch Netflix movies are fun too and with a side of microwave popcorn the best.
  8. Listen to music any kind of music plug in your headphones and cut out the bullshit that comes with life.
  9. Don't give a fuck of what society thinks of you or people be your self don't fucking kiss peoples bottoms just because they don't like you give the f word and feel free to be you .
 10. Watch YouTube you tubers like Shane Dawson give amazing advice and have funny videos they work hard YouTube is one of the things to make your better.

  I hope you enjoyed these tens ways I created to make your life better and stuff I wrote ten ways I think will make your life way better than it is feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.   I hope you have a great night -Steph

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter At Rockefeller center happy easter

 Yesterday I visited Rockefeller center while I was in Manhattan and It was amazing its so incredible how the ice rink still stands and the last time I was there was during Christmas seeing the tree one of the things I love about living in NYC is Manhattan and the amazing things you can do in Manhattan and the love of the big apple I also took pics while I was at the rock

Easter is amazing I also wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter enjoy this day my lovely bunnies my lovely bunnies I love you all so much happy Easter also thank you guys for the support I love you