Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fifty shades of life and love?

   Now before you read this post your probably thinking oh Steph is gonna talk about sex kinky sex or aka fifty shades kind of grey sex and oh this post is gonna be dirty well no it is not gonna be all about sex or kinky sex or any that other stuff some ladies out there who fantasize what it would be like if their boyfriend did all those things Christian Grey did to Ana in that movie. 
Its not gonna be all about any of that stuff that has to deal with kinky sex or that sexually realistic movie fifty shades. I like to catch peoples attention whenever someone visits the site using catching titles like fifty shades of life and love attract people to the post and doesn't make them wanna bypass the article that they are reading.  They are things in life that people enjoy dating/romance chocolate movies sex hanging out with friends hanging out with family hanging out alone eating food while watching Netflix hanging out with a boyfriend/girlfriend or just simply doing something random and also did I mention traveling I know when I travel one of my favorite places outside of NYC is Atlantic city traveling Is fun I done it by bus and even though I never been to NYC outside of a airplane Ive watched videos and being on a bus is more fun than on airplane anyways we are not here to talk about what I like otherwise the site would be called Stephanie instead of beautiful angels and that's not the point now on to the post
    Privacy is something we all want and is something we all enjoy which is why I'm gonna talk about one of the things I don't like is when people wanna know whats going on for example with your love  life you could be siting at the park by your self or with someone enjoying a lovely day and someone you know spots you and based from they heard from other people they wanna ask you a question questions like your complicated love life like questions like ''oh are you and brad still dating ?'' oh I heard you and brad had sex together weren't you a virgin ?'' how could you lose it to someone you only known for six months?''  Its those kinds of questions in life I hate when people ask and no I don't have a boyfriend that scenario is made up from what I've seen in real life. I hate it when people ask those kind of questions like you don't have to know everything and things like love life and relationships shouldn't be out to everyone if your dating this person its ok for the world to know but for not the world to know what you do that shouldn't be talked about like sex or problems in the relationship and if people ever ask you private questions like this you just told them its none of their concern to know. Speaking of privacy other things like oh bashing your ex boyfriend or girlfriend after you've broken up with them making things like YouTube videos saying oh how you guys broke up or how or she did this or he or she is a whore/asshole I hate using this word but I'm gonna say it cause some people just don't f****** get it shit like that shouldn't be posted on the media to see or even writing about it on the web even if its twitter. Shit like that should be kept private and posting on the media just makes it seem like your the victim and in some cases that might be the case but posting about your ex using the computers to make videos or what not only creates problems only puts more baggage than what it already was before and that causes the other person who was bashed in front of the whole world to put even more baggage to the already loads of baggage. What I'm trying to say bashing an ex is still not cool and I think people shouldn't do it no matter how much of a slut/asshole the ex can be.
     My point of this whole post is that there are some things that should be kept private and not asked no matter how much curious a person is it should be kept closed with a lock that only people involved in such matters should have the combination lock. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and no I'm not awake if your reading this this post at 4am which is schedule to go up I write my posts before hand and then schedule them to go up at a specific time so that everybody can read it.
  I love you guys stay sweet and cool I love you