Friday, November 11, 2016

Blog week (blog everyday in November)

This week I couldn't do a properly blog everyday in November because of my busy schedule I've been getting ready for finals which is not very far away preparing for my spring semester which starts in March and my shortened winter semester which starts in January I've also been at work and getting ready for big events I'll be attending sadly after a argument with some of the people who run my hometown in the area they are a variety of malls near my house and I've had a argument why after 10 years one of the malls I go to near my apartment is not having a Christmas tree lighting ceremony they basically told me with anger it was their choice not to have a annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony I however will be so far only going to one Christmas tree lighting ceremony this year as of it now all I can say to some of the people in my hometown who refuse to do holiday traditions and holiday festivals is what the fuck? Christmas and the holiday season only comes once a year! I'll be attending Christmas events just not near my hometown as much several huge places and corporation's have emailed me / dmed me on Twitter about the Christmas festives and events I've been working on scheduling and stuff I hope you guys are doing great despite the news that Trump is president now if you want to hear my opinion about that it's another blog post not a politics chic didn't really pay mind to the debates all I can say as the moment Clinton you would have made a better president since you worked over the years with Obama and your husband Bill Clinton both presidents Trump despite all the racists bullshit or anything bad surrounding you don't fuck up/screw up in the white house i hope you all have a great night💜💜

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