Sunday, November 13, 2016

day 13 swimming practice,starbs,dance,and love

  Happy Sunday everyone I hope you had a great weekend I got to visit Rockefeller center and let me just say if you seen on the today show the Christmas tree has arrived and its all big and huge and just amazing its just magical even though its on construction and on type of the rink cant wait to for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony when its all lit up which will be the week after thanksgiving ah that same Bryant park will be having their Christmas tree lighting ceremony speaking of Christmas tree lighting's ceremonies this is the first year queens center mall decided not to have one which is a big f****** bummer they have a new  ''santa  set'' its almost that time of  the year egg nog peppermint mocha's chestnuts building gingerbread houses getting under the mistletoe its the time of the year again and I'm more pumped because new York city has a lot planned more than last year this year will be my first year seeing the radio city rockets they are amazing I also parpicated in their Christmas in august where I first met the rockets and Santa they gave me free lemonade on the hot day and I couldn't be more happier I just love them their ballerinas and I love everything ballerina and dance not to mention they are always happy and awesome. Today my Sunday started off with stabs a medium roast with milk and sugar the best taste almost like caramel  with brown sugar I also went to swimming practice only to find out that I had got there late and they were gonna close yeah my campus does close everything on a Sunday on Saturdays not so much cant wait for swimming Thursday and Saturday ah pumped I made some new friends today in the locker room back in high school it was all about the negative things I never got to do theatre workshops or swimming I was in a small high school in a prison with inmates and I hated so much now that I'm in college I no longer have to feel like a outcast or get angry I hate those people and never want to see them ever f****** again.  I Gotta go I have class in the morning how is your day went and weekend ? sadly it has to end how did it go let me know below
  you know ill always love you -Xoxo-Stephanie

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