Friday, November 4, 2016

Day 4 tips on how to have a long lasting relationship

 I thought i share some of my tips on how to have a long lasting relationship and how you and your soul mate could survive everything that comes with love and despite the hardships that come with love you can survive it and will it work it out in the end i hope you use and enjoying reading these tips.

  • Don't publicize your relationship one of the main keys that usually ends a relationship quickly its when people publicize their relationship things like posting you and your bf/gf making out and you know your make out sessions things like posting your convos or other things or even extreme imitate moments or every little thing that happens in the relationship people don't know these certain things people don't need to know and its better these things are kept really private
  •  if you have problems its better to talk about them one on one not with anyone else if you talk about your ''relationship problems'' with someone other than your significant other that just creates boiling water in the relationship and steam and any other horrible chemical/thing its b est to discuss your relationship problems with your significant other yes its good to ask for advice or if you feel sad talk it out but its best to keep these things as private as possible. 
  • Make a date for a date night a day of the week where you and your bf/gf could have a fun romantic night whether its going to a restaurant the cheesecake factory is a must places like juniors ah many cheesecake places other places like apple bees olive garden red lobster the hard rock cafe places like that not places like McDonald's or chiplote or any other fast food place fast food places are not good for any sort of date night they are not good for any date at all just no when it comes to a day of the week find one whether its you and your bf/gf whether its not going out but staying in eating tons of junk food and watching endless episodes of shows on netflix and movies find any day of the week or a weekend. 
 love letters- writing each other sweet love letters like this below another sweet perfect way of saying i love you for example

Dear David (fake name not real person) 

  I really liked hanging out with you last night and enjoying dinner at my favorite place
the cheesecake factory thanks for a sweet babe i really enjoyed the chocolate hazel nut cheesecake it was amazing and the cherry wine as well it was sweet to the taste but the best part of the night wasn't the dinner at the cheesecake factory but was getting to spend time with you and being with you the entire night your a amazing boyfriend and i couldn't ask for more than to be your princess/girl i really hope our relationship lasts for a long time and i get to spend more years with you love you David- 

                                                                                                                  S :)
 love letters like this one i tried really hard to write one to show you guys that love letters are another way i guess of having a long lasting relationship there are sweet adorable ways of expressing love. 

 one of the biggest tips i would ever tell you is one of the important ones don't rush into sex yes sex might be a fun seductive act to commit but don't rush into it if a relationship is all about sex or has mostly only sex ? is it really a relationship ? if it is it can usually hurt one 

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to last a long lasting relationship yes the love letter is fake if your wondering i thought i write one to help you out in some kind of way of love letter writing you can find me on twitter @precioussteph98 and on instagram @stephanie.sunshine 

  you know ill always love you 


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