Saturday, November 5, 2016

Day 5 getting lost in the city storytime with Stephanie

 My day started off like every other Saturday I got up really early realized I didn't have to be up so early no school no work no nothing as always I always wake up with a over welling of a gallons thoughts whether its something that happened yesterday or things that already happened some events that leave wondering why the f***** did this happen to me its so f***** messed up. Since I graduated high school after being bullied for 7 years I see life in a different life I see it so weird going to class in college walking down the streets of new York whether its in Manhattan or in my hometown or around campus I'm not being mentally challenged to the point where I could go nuts or lose my sanity I'm being treated normal everyday waking up has been weird not much anger I got up look at my phone its almost twelve its gets me thinking as the end of the year approaches ill have room for a fresh start and once January starts its officially not the end of the semester but the end of my old life its doesn't feel like a fresh start until 2016 ends and I can officially clear the slate from my old life I don't want to see or interact from anyone from my high school or middle school I don't want to ever in my life have to hear from them again.  That day started off as a regular Saturday my first thoughts as to whether or not should I go out or stay in and eat and watch hulu but something in my heart I really missed Manhattan and wanted to have a day of pampering a day to release all the stress from school and work a day to have fun. I listen to my heart and start looking on groupon for Brazilian waxes I thought I get one since I love getting them and they make me feel really good about my body and well you know beautiful no a girl doesn't need to get a Brazilian wax to have her peach ready for sex it doesn't work that way. I Purchase my groupon I have gotten a Brazilian wax from a place kinda close to my apartment well close to my old crush apartment it didn't go out so well and I got so angry they kept f******** asking me for tips and more money so I'm decided not to go back horrible just horrible. I purchase my Brazilian groupon the place is by one of the campuses so I found it pretty easy to get to I call the place but cancel the groupon after the place was packed with appointments and the person who owns the salon just didn't sound right I cancel the groupon and find a another one fantastic waxing studio near lex its almost the same price so I purchase it. The rest of my afternoon was me frustrated trying to curl my hair and find a outfit that goes right with sneakers and that afternoon I was very picky well you know my underpants. I curl my hair but I look threw my things and I cant find my metro card darn it I start screaming and I ask my mom apparently she hadn't seen my metro card my dads asleep so I don't want to bother him with his metro card my mom seeing how stressed I am hands me her metro card and I head for the train aka to the city of dreams Manhattan when I arrive its so nice the city union square in the subway you see all kinds of people people playing instruments birds in the park one of the reason I love the city so many Starbucks. I arrive in Manhattan and walk around the farmers market and Instagram things its always fun to video blog and show people the fruit of new York aka Manhattan I start walking and pass by bath and body works I thought I go to my waxing appointment before I head to my appointment so I start heading east but then I found self heading east and into the neighborhood of Chelsea once I start walking towards Chelsea I realize am I going the right away? I walk more past the fruit market in Chelsea I'm swearing my sweats and sneakers so the walk isn't bad despite it being so many stops I walk and find my self in the west side around Penn plaza when I realize I don't see the studio no where in site I start realizing I'm not going the right away so I start to ask for directions I ask a nice lady with black hair and glasses she tells me I'm not in the east side anymore but in the west I then realize I'm heading towards Penn plaza not the east side in Lexington where the studio is located I thank her and hop on in the bus to the east side of Manhattan I love this neighborhood so much whenever I'm in it I don't ever want to leave the coffee shops places to eat places to sit and chat places to hang out and party places to be you places to just be you and your friends and your peeps I then found my self on the east side near first ave near the river I assume near boats and stuff near a highway after getting off I realize I'm on the east side but near amazing glorious apartments and delis all I'm thinking in my head how glorious it would be to live around here get deli breakfast and be near the amazing city despite the high rent I found my self thinking it would be nice to live here and these people are lucky I found my self walking around Bellevue hospital I always heard about the hospital on the news people going there such as the trump climber but I never been inside of it or outside of it till today it looks so nice so big almost like the outside of Christian greys office or any other big office I pass by a park I look and realize I'm on east 28th st I'm near the studio I had thoughts about canceling the appointment but something in my heart told me not to today's a day of relaxing and it was as I approach the blocks of east 28th st pass the houses and other food places and other places I call the studio and she was sweet where are the studio I'm on east 28th st on 1st? where is the studio? she gives me the street and despite my appointment being a hour late she still lets me go and I feel happy and a tad bit nervous of course who wouldn't be nervous by waxing a very sensitive body apart I was hoping that it wouldn't turn out to be like the last and first time I ever waxed my peach .  I arrive and I'm pumped after various google maps and getting lost in Chelsea and bus rides I'm finally here I walk up to the building its on top of a deli so you have to walk up the hallway and into the second floor I'm greeted by a nice lady shes so sweet shes threading a girls eyebrows a girl who very nervous all I'm thinking shes waxing her eyebrows it must be her first time if shes so nervous? waxing eyebrows is very quick and is nothing compared to other body parts. I sit and I'm lead to the room and a very nice aired condition room well I get ready for my Brazilian wax I get pumped because I'm not with rude people and its chocolate which means I'm not gonna get my peach all burned up.  She makes sure I'm relax I lay down and try not to look I'm a little bit shaky but I trust her shes a woman shes nice and she knows what it makes to have a clean peach  she acts if the wax is too hot and I tell her its just fine she gets the job done after the first strip she rips it really quickly it hurt a little and I try to think about other things like love TV shows and sometimes things that are peaceful like the ocean or even my former crushes the one person who despite my anxiety days never ever judged me or looked me strangely when I had my anxiety days where is he now after she gets the job done and kept me relaxed where was he now and where is he in the present moment? after my visit I pay tax and stuff and she gives me a card she told me that whenever I go there I get half off the Brazilian waxes which makes me happier I wish her goodnight take the card and tell her I'm gonna write a really good review as soon as I get back my apartment I never been so happier getting waxed and pampered.  Maybe getting lost in Chelsea and in the east side near the amazing apartments and me needed a pampering day lead me to this amazing studio and lead me to not getting my peach burned and and angry but feeling like I just came out of a waxing pampering wonderland. I leave and prepare to go get some holiday hand soaps and candles at bath and body works I look but don't find the candle that I want and I leave I had already had some hand soaps back at my apartment but really wanted the holiday candle the one that smells like a very warm sweet cinnamon comfort feeling. I then head for lunch at McDonald's the best I don't like to eat their meat its gross really gross after lunch I then walk around some more near shake shack and cant stop smiling I feel so happy I then head into jacks in the city and try to find some baking stuff to make some good stuff to make brownies and other cakes the suns going down and the sunset looks amazing a very nice fall day in Manhattan I had found baking stuff but not the mix needed to bake my brownies I then head to Madison square garden sit by one of their patios or benches or whatever you call the brown stoop its peaceful it feels like heaven it feels nice to just get away from everything for a while along the walk in the city I blog as well it feels like I actually talking to a person to the Internet that is. I stumbled upon Kmart near the garden and see that a new johnny rockets in Manhattan I cheer in happiness during my video blog I had to tell my viewers about this no longer walking from the Penn plaza all the way to lex a place where you can the best burgers and fries and milkshakes the chocolate one is heaven.  I make my way to the gym and go for a massage but I after my massage I get creeped out by the people yes some weird some dress in a thug way and leave it just freaked me out I then head to Macy's I had needed to use the restroom to fix my hair and didn't want to stay in the gym where guys were dressed like f******* thugs I hope they cancel their f********* membership its meant to be working out not for fucking thug's sorry for my language I used the restroom to fix my hair and stuff in Macy's its big it huge I'm not surrounded by thug looking people. I then leave and head to Starbucks I buy my creme brulle frappuncino and head into the Bryant park winter village they have cute shops and a beautiful ice rink I want to get on the rink but cant after being sore which was worth it I grab a chair sit with my creme brulle from stabs and watch the people ice skate its fun I'm up close so it feel like I'm ice skating its fun a lady sits besides me and enjoys the show with her hot chocolate why not spend a fall night ice skating hot coco and enjoying the rink I felt so amazing and of course in new York my phone starts buzzing It my mom I didn't realize the time it was almost 8pm almost nine and I didn't want to be out too late I tell her I had lost track of time I then head back into my apartment as I'm crossing the street I come across a metro card a metro card with money I freak out had I decided to stay home and rest I would not have experience such a beautiful warm amazing glowing day :) and you better bet they will be more holiday memories to come its just the beginning of a holiday season :)

the ice rink was crowded when I took this picture they were re surfing the ice

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