Thursday, November 24, 2016

ending blgd in november

 I decided to stop blog everyday in November because of my schedule and other conflicts that were going on that ended to be solved such as work issues school is fine I'm pumped because I've got all my classes from January to February my school does a short six week semester during that time ill be taking only one class which is English since I've taken 3 classes this fall semester and got stressed out a lot with my class especially my mat class which stressed the heck out of me I don't know if ill be doing blogmas blog every day until Christmas during that time the first two weeks of December ill be prepping for my finals I have a mini English final my professor decided to give us a mini final because of all the papers and portfolios we had to do ill be taking my mat final which is on the 13th I believe and ill be studying and I've been studying my buns off taking a break until Monday because of the holiday and ill be doing things during the break fun things thanksgiving dinner shopping and getting ready for a big event ill be attending in NYC this year cant really say it what is yet but you'll see on Thursday lets just say its a tv event.  That's why ended blog everyday in November to focus on certain things and issues

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