Friday, November 25, 2016

Kickoff to the holiday season ho ho ho

  Happy Friday everyone I don't like use the term black Friday that much sounds you know non christmasy for my ''black friday'' I went shopping in the city I went shopping in the city on black Friday back in 2014 my thanksgiving break was mostly spent in my hometown in 2015 this year is kind of mixed I will be spending some time in my hometown tomorrow pumpedd This year I got up early while everyone was asleep and hopped on the train to Manhattan I wanted to not get toppled over this year at the mall seeing the news it was packed and really packed so I decided to hit the city instead where I got some good deals at Victoria secret wind up getting a free tote bag with perfume and lotion after I bought a whole bunch of things note if in the future if you ever take me to Victoria secret beware I'm get to nuts that Is my favorite store it was bath and body works but recently got tired of it same things and I've stocked up on their lotions and perfumes during their 3 dollar lotion sale a few weeks back wind up getting 13 bottles of lotion and 5 body mists not getting anything body mists or lotions until the semi annual sale in late December-January Victoria secret has much more things and its better in my opinion. For those wondering thanksgiving was awesome got a lot of turkey and wind up going into a ''turkey coma'' later that night it was amazing and I'm officially pumpedd to kick off the holiday season I kicked it off with a few of the rockettes from radio city the salvation army and Santa's the Santa on the ice at the rock and the other Santa chilling on the top of the rock its officially the holiday season and its the greatest time of the year the best time of the year
I hope your not on Santa's naughty list and be on the good list I'm so pumpedd for the holiday events to take place during the month of November and December cheers to the start of amazing holiday season pumpedd love you guys and I want to know how did your thanksgiving go? did you get a lot of turkey? have you started your holiday shopping yet? what are your holiday plans this year and how was your day? you know ill always you ho ho ho-Stephanie

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