Sunday, November 27, 2016

Stephanie's Holiday bucket list 2016

Now this its officially the holiday season i thought i share with you my holiday bucket list i don't want the holiday season to end here is it is

Stephanie Precious Peguero Holiday bucket list 

  • Go ice skating - I never been ice skating before and i want to before they take down the holiday stuff and the rink down a dream of mine since i was little was to go ice skating at Rockefeller center i like to spend alot of time there i hope to get down at the rink at least once before the year ends. 
  • See the radio city rockettes- I hope to go see the radio city rockettes at radio city music hall of course and maybe even get a shot with Santa and the rockettes i got to meet the rockettes during Christmas in August and we connected when they gave me lemonade my favorite lemonade strawberry lemonade since then i have a very good bond with the rockettes and cant wait to see them in radio city music hall haven't purchased my ticket yet but hoping to see them before new years.  
  • tree lighting ceremonies- It was a bummer when my favorite mall decided to not to do a annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony thank god i still have the memories on the photos from the years before thank god not all the places in new york are not following their direction they are the only place in new york and near my hometown to cancel the tree lighting ceremony i hope to attend more in Manhattan and in my hometown 
  • drinking hot coca and hot Christmas lattes walking around town with Christmas lights all the lights surrounding the music music everywhere in new york and in my hometown and even surrounding my college 
 Christmas miracle i hope to get one Christmas miracle this season the biggest miracle of all 

   That's my holiday bucket list there is more i thought i share some of you some of things on my holiday bucket this holiday season i love to see your jingly holiday bucket list 

 you know ill always love you ho ho ho-Stephanie 

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