Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Scenes from the glorious views of life

a free t shirt from my new gym yes omg so happy
getting the last box of vanilla bean noel at the mall best
 Hi everyone i hope you are having a great night i thought i do a scenes from life post since I'm still working on my planet fitness story oddly enough yes i am a member of planet fitness and i know its weird i was working on a gym love story last year in the fall in which I'm no longer working as if now due to my busy shedule and i don't know when i will go back to the soulmate project but as if now it has been off the roof and not on the table i wouldn't say it was cancelled because that would mean I'm not going back to it and its over its not its just has been pushed to a uncertain date. Here is a little scenes from life. I hope you enjoy it i love you guys kisses goodnight steph :) new memoir this weekend called my planet fitness story stay tuned!
parfaits before gym yes please the healthiest thing from McDonald's 

a mere Sunday just a regular Sunday having my coffee that same week that i had got sick.       

Monday, January 18, 2016

The crazy emotions of life and love

        In life there are emotions and emotions such as happiness and sadness when a happy moment happens like getting that job you always wanted and starting a new career getting married finally asking that one person you like out and that person saying yes and there is a wind of emotions of happiness emotions of happiness can mean alot it can mean more than all the twilight books combined together get it since there is like 500 pages or more in each book? and emotions are there we don't see them they are wind of them a hurricane of them but they are emotions of happiness in life they are emotions of confusion anger sadness and sometimes in between one moment you could be feeling the happiest person in this planet and the next minute you could feel like the sadness and feel like the world is crushing down on you and a big rock came down from a random planet and came crushing right on you and those emotions turn into even more confusing emotions and your suddenly left in your own mind with questions you don't the answers to and left to find a way since alot of people are judgemental and which is one of the reasons we are scared to share those emotions today i want to talk about the crazy emotions of life and love the thing with life and love its a big mystery that a big mystery that makes you feel all sorts of emotions and no one really knows why we feel them. Falling in love is one of those mysteries that causes a wind of emotions that causes those emotions that include happiness anger sadness and in the between aka the confusion of feeling of those emotions at the same time. Today I'm gonna give you advice on how to deal with these confusion yet beautiful emotions that surround love and falling in love but not just love but life.  I know how it can be when for example your in complicated relationship and there is tension and you and your significant other are left with arguments and whether or not to save your relationship and some cases marriage and those emotions turn into regret when one decides to break up with the other because of number one what that person said or number 2 they listen to their friends/family and wind up regretting breaking up despite being in love I'm give you advice despite tension and fights and emotions you shouldn't really break up with one person simply because things are going bad if you are love with someone and you love that person try and fight those emotions and don't listen to what other people say because other people aren't in your relationship and they don't know what its like to have feelings for that significant other and they don't know that love so when it comes to fight and tension with your partner don't break up with them because in the end love wins and breaking up your just breaking a random window that didn't need to be broken and others don't need to look threw that window and your window put curtains on that window. Despite the crazy emotions in life that till this day we don't know the answers to my point is no matter how hard something is try talking it out and trying fixing it without relying on people's opinions or the emotions because in the end things will work out and you will be happy things will but sometimes don't be afraid to ask for advice but always remember to listen to your heart in the end to avoid making regretful decisions. I love you all and leave me a comment on emotions and how you deal with them?

                you know ill always love you
                                                                   Kisses-Stephanie :)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

rip abby

After december 11th my last blog post on this blog i decided to take only a short break from the writing world to think and to take some time for my self a few weeks later a day after christmas i awoke that morning and to my find my bird abby ill and sick siting in the bowl not flying but just siting there breathing she didn't look good her face her feathers she didnt look like the happy abby she looked like a total different abby on the morning of December 26th at 1130am my bird abby abiglical angel passed away from a sickness ill never know. Abby's death shook my world and even my self questioned whether or not to cont doing what i do write and dance and be the person that i am when you lose someone you love nothing remains the same and of course its hard to move on but these mini memoir i wanted to let everyone know why i took a month off almost a month off to help grieve from abby's passing i hope you guys understand why i took some time off abby was laid to rest yesterday morning and yes she was laid to rest there is a place on earth where animals are laid to rest just like us. Ive decided in honor of abbys writing after giving it thought im not going to quit writing im going to blog for 2016 and the other years ahead i hope you guys understand why i took some time off peace and love-Steph.