Friday, February 26, 2016

Stephanie Precious Delightful heavily latte recipe

 It feels like everyday you wake up at between the hours of 4 and 7 in the morning to go to work or school and its a struggle to get out your warm comfy bed and you go and buy that medium hot latte from dunkin starbucks or any other coffee shop that has really good lattes and coffees with sugar im here to give you my recipe for my delightful heavily latte thatll keep you smiling all day.

Heres whatll you need

International maxwell coffee latte powder they come in variety of flavors
Pumpkin spice swiss mocha vanilla caramel orange regular cappuncino and
other flavors youll want this for the latte not regular coffee these flavors give it
the kick of heaven.

Vanilla extract 1 teaspoon

1 cup of milk or how much you want depending but milk is a must!

International delightful coffee creamer liquid they also come in a
variety of flavors french vanilla white chocolate macedmia and hazelnut
and much more.

1 can of whip cream (optional)

chocolate chips for topping or sprinkles. if you want
toppings. (optional)

 sugar is not needed trust me itll be too sweet. 

How to make the Stephanie precious delightful heavily latte

1 Put on the stove milk not too high where is boiling it needs to be hot not boiling hot

2. Once your hot milk turn off your stove and pour your hot milk in your cup or coffee mug

3. Take 3 teaspoons of international Maxwell coffee latte powder any flavor you prefer I've been making mine with pumpkin spice no worries its good till July.  Put in 3 teaspoons in there and stir you shouldn't see any remainder of the powder left it should be completely dissolved.

4. Put one teaspoon of vanilla extract into the cup and still only teaspoon you don't want a stomach ache.

5. Put 3 teaspoons of the international coffee creamer any flavor you prefer i usually prefer french vanilla but flavor is good they also have Cinnabon flavored and almond joy both favorites of mine and they have sugar free for those who don't want too much sugar

6. a optional choice for the latte add some whip creme to the top and chocolate chip toppings on it again this is optional for the latte

7. Enjoy the precious delightful latte its your treat for being up so early and rewarding.

I love this latte its keeps me calm during school days and those days at work too.

I Hope you enjoyed these amazing recipe for my latte if you try it i love to see it send pictures on my twitter page @precioussteph98 and in the comments below i love you all. Xoxo-Stephanie.



Sunday, February 21, 2016

The ending to a very sweet weekend/vacation

 If there is one thing i hate about the ending of vacations is the sadness that comes with it the end to a vacation and the start of getting back to a normal routine a normal routine that ll consist of working if your in school and a senior like me it consists of getting ready for AP exams and paying off senior dues and for those who like prom getting ready for prom in my case I'm not really a prom girl and could give a rat ass about it the expensive that come with prom the ticket the hair the dress all the expenses that come with it just for drunken afterparty after it.  but lets not talk about bashing prom i hate to upset the people who love it/loved their prom. Ive spent my last two days of my winter break aside from working Tuesday-Friday which i was ok with it i spent my last two days oh those romantic beautiful nights in the city of dreams.  Manhattan the man of my dreams the place where many different people come the many types of people the upper east side west side or just from other parts of new york including long island.  Vacations are meant for fun and a time to get away a time to rethink certain thoughts and make life choices and but also have fun and experience the joy of being a human of the greatest moments of life.  Ill be doing a separate post in the nearby future about which restaurant's to check out in NYC. one including ihop their pancakes are super amazing and its so good one which i had the strawberry cheesecake pancakes which were super yummy and amazing.
  But as my vacation comes to a end and im still writing several stuff for my blog several amazing stories one the planet fitness story titled my planet fitness story will be up most likely on march 9th 2016 as im also working on my eighteen birthday party story thatll be up sometime in march. When writing as part of being a writer i want people to have a site where they feel like they dont have to hide a site where they can be themselves and dont have to worry about societys rules and the stamias. In the end no matter how we are born or what is our personality we all want the same thing to be loved and human so why not be the site that allows that to be fun and free and fearless and to be who you are as a whole. I hope you enjoyed my blog post question of the day do you guys enjoy vacations if so how do you enjoy them where do you go ? who do spend it with? i would love to hear your lovely stories in the comments below

                             you know ill always love you
Xoxo-Stephanie :)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Life is like a cup of coffee

Life is a mystery we are born we are here humans on earth we open our eyes as a new born and here we are entering the world not knowing the mysteries of it the aspects of it but the way i see i see it life is like a cup of coffee the more you add to it the sweeter it gets the less you add to it the bitter it tastes and the bitter it becomes. I like to see the bad things in life such as car accidents deaths as burnt coffee and burnt coffee is the worst kind of coffee burnt coffee without any sugar just burnt black coffee burnt coffee as all the negative things that occur in life. Iced lattes with whip cream and caramel sauce or mocha i like to see those as the best moments during the summer months during those fun summer adventures and such one walking on a beach or a sweet getaway or simply being in on a hot day with the ac on watching endless movies on netflix.  Coffee with milk and sugar plain coffee with milk and sugar i like to see those as those ordinary days of the week as the school and work and with something interesting happening during the work and school day.  Hot lattes with good ole espresso i like to see those as those days when its winter and so cold and your just walking in a city with someone you love and with that someone and knowing what ever happens everything is gonna be ok and you have someone to lean on. When it comes to cappuccino's its that part of life when you meet someone for the first time and something new blooms if you add whip cream the creame part makes it all sweet something blooms whether its a friendship or relationship something sweet is blooming when it comes to the cappuccino's in life. For the all frappe lovers frappuncinos/frappes represents everything that comes in this life love life and the experience of it. What is life to you ? and how do you describe it non negative? let me know in the comments below 

you know ill always love you Xoxo-Stephanie

Should people be judged on their sex drive?

 I was watching gossip girl over the past couple of weeks all six seasons yes all six seasons of cute Nate Archibald and chuck bass and our it girls Blair Waldorf and Serena not to mention our favorite Brooklyn boy Dan Humphrey who had turned out to be spoiler alert the infamous girly elite blogger behind the scandalous in gossip girl i was also watching the scenes during those scenes steamy scenes and not just in gossip girl where they do get openly talk about sex but in the TV show the Carrie diaries now before you all think Stephanie you watch the Carrie diaries that unrealistic TV prequel that's supposed to match up with sex and the city but doesn't ? one such the cw decided to create a mini Carrie Bradshaw that would turn out to be the Carrie Bradshaw the writer for vogue the beautiful Carrie Bradshaw yes i do watch the Carrie diaries and sex and the city because i love Carrie Bradshaw both teenage and adult though some choices they both make i wouldn't make and think its absurd and completely stupid for her to make in choices when it came to some of her boyfriends one such as Sebastian kydd Adam weaver and Mr big James Preston but that's my point while watching both shows i noticed something that goes on in real life in this life that people make it complicated like a telenovela yet it doesn't have to be but there is one thing that people get judged for that people are afraid to talk about ones sex drive and their persona in general but i want to talk about whether or not people should be judged about their sex drive? My answer no people shouldn't because even if we don't admit it we crave it its part our nature but even though its part of our nature its something that people should be kept private if a person wants to have sex and its especially if its a girl that doesn't make her a slut and it doesn't make a guy a man whore either it makes them a whore/slut if they do it everyday and without sympathy but that's their business and people shouldn't worry about who's doing who sex is a imitate physical act that what goes on during that act should be kept with a lock a pad lock or combination lock and should never be opened during that act or even after that act and that combination/pad lock shouldn't be shared with anyone else after its used it should be kept away in a safe place. I think one of the reasons people suffer with hyper sexuality and sexual frustration I'm talking about everyone not just people who are sexually active. The thing people are afraid what will happen to their reputation once they fill those sexual desires for them suffering with hyper sexuality and sexual frustration which in cases it can be 2 people in the same relationship it puts a strain on it simple because of what others will think and that creates somes of the things that people lose their one on so i have a message for those who are worried about others people sexuality and what physical imitate acts they are doing mind your own fucking business! and i have a message for those people are worried about their reputation stop caring what people are thinking because in the end they only care to make gossip and talk. Becoming imitate with a person can be amazing but its best for the whole world not to know them and to keep those details simply to your self to prevent other things from occurring.  I hope you enjoyed this blog post i wrote this post after seeing what a few people have gone threw in real life. Leave your thoughts in the lovely comments below freedom of speech just no hate comments.

         you know ill always love you