Sunday, March 27, 2016

beautiful eyes by Stephanie Sunshine Precious

 He had the most beautiful eyes i ever seen
beautiful black spiky hair
beautiful brown eyes
and beautiful big lips
yet he was a mystery
a mystery i could never understand
yet everything i was in everything i feel
the happy moments made me think of him
the outside of my school my office at work
the park i really loved so much on the
house on the hill but was it wrong
to have feelings for someone i barely
knew? to have feelings of being human
after being so coldly numb where for so
long i couldn't feel a thing and after so long
i feel human again happily human right before
college and right before i graduate high school
it was on that night where i locked eyes with
someone on the night of my sisters high school
meeting 7 years ago a time where even though
i struggled with stuff i still felt happy with my self
and the good people around me was it wrong to
love this guy who was friends with someone so close to
me and why was i infatuated with him?

 a original poem written by Stephanie Sunshine Precious let me know what you guys think below it was based on a true story i wont reveal
the identity of the person in the poem.

Dont feel ashamed of your feelings or who you are

  Hi everyone its been a month since I've blogged I've been stuck with a sickness known as writers block what should i write for my site? Should i care what people will think on the kind of stuff i like to write about ? Well the answer is no and those are the type of questions that went threw my head  threw my sickness as writers block i decided I'm going to write about things that make me happy getting rid of the sickness of writers block and in simple terms no more hiding who i am and no being in denial.  Today's post is about don't feel ashamed of who you are and your feelings. In life we all have feelings feelings that sometimes we hate to have whether its feeling of sexuality such as being bi sexual or being gay and hating the fact that you would like someone with the same sex and at point even have sexual feelings towards them and you hate your self that you would like someone the same sex and in that kind of way. Well you shouldn't feel the ashamed of those feelings because in the end we are all animals and should be free to love anyone and who we want regardless of the gender of the person I'm sure the biggest people in Hollywood are keeping secrets that they had sex with the someone with the same sex and they keep it so secret. You shouldn't be ashamed of feelings that you have.  You should especially not feel ashamed if your in love with someone and people don't approve or thinks its gross or hate the person because if you know it your heart that the person is the one for you and you know their flaws and secrets then that shouldn't stop you from loving them and being with them and if people try to make things impossible for the both of you or think your crazy when your not and just simply crazy in love tell this mind your own fucking business and get a life of course if its your parents you shouldn't say that you should say Mom Dad i love this person and your gonna have to put up with it whether you like it or not.  In life we are gonna have feelings that put us in denial and make our heads explode because in life the only feelings we should hate to have is those feelings of suicide which in that case if you have feelings you should check your self into a hospital and get help or if you have addiction also do the same get help. In life if feelings we have are good then we shouldn't hate to have them regardless of what anyone else would think or say. I hope you enjoyed my blog post and i hope you had a happy Easter feel free to share your thoughts below this is no judgment blog and we are all friends.
                              you know ill always love you
                                                                                                   xoxo-Stephanie :)