Saturday, April 30, 2016

Steph's simple easy emergnceny tricks

I thought i share some easy simple ways and tricks you could do if you ever forget something or if you need to do something and the stuff you need to do it with are not there.

1-Brushing teeth- I had many cases where i would accidentally throw out my toothbrush it would late at night and the dollar stores would be closed here's a trick to a sort of a fresh clean mouth without the toothbrush note- only use this method if you don't have a toothbrush. Rinse your mouth three times with mouthwash take a dental floss and floss your teeth after you rinse your mouth wash and wash your mouth and floss your teeth take a piece of Altoids's mint they are very strong regardless of the flavor.

2. Forgetting your chap stick- take a q tip or one finger of Vaseline/coconut oil and put on the top and bottom of your lips my best method would be take a q tip of brown sugar and honey mix it together and layer on your tips it would be sticky but it would moisture your lips for a day if you feel sticky you could easily take a cloth and wipe some of the brown sugar/honey off.

3.Honey/sugar wax- if your the type of person who waxes their legs at home i don't recommend doing one eyebrows by themselves as they can lead to unevenness etc.. if your a professional i still don't recommend it. The honey and sugar wax method is used for body parts like legs arms underarms and bikini area.  If you ever forget your wax and are need of a wax emergency's this method would work and it is healthier than regular waxing. Take a small portion into a bowl and then put it the microwave for a good 30-45 seconds take it out and put a small portion of warm brown sugar and mix it and stir it till you get a good texture once you have your honey/brown sugar mixture you could then do the same as waxing with the cloth etc and don't forget to moisturize the body afterward.  Honey and brown sugar are also methods to removing bacteria off the skin.

These are 3 methods i hope helps and i hope you use them in the time of the need the warmer weather might be coming up but you could still need to moisturize and for the most part you still need to keep your mouth clean regardless of if you don't have a toothbrush for a night or you forgot to replace it which is the recommend from dentists you need to replace it every 3 months.  i hope you enjoyed this blog post.

                                                                   you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie :)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kickoff to spring break 16.

 Hi everyone so today I'm been having a lazy Sunday my spring break starts this week aka I'm off work and school this week which gets me pretty pumped and excited yesterday I had a great kickoff to spring break by enjoying the sites and sees of nyc I got to watch a movie and enjoy a show


seeing the ballerinas and the dancers dance was amazing they did a extraordinary job and I'm proud of them.

Thursday a mere day and half before I started spring break I also went to carvel's free ice cream cone day the line was long when I got there but slowly went down it was a bright sunny day and well yeah that day I mistently thought they wasn't any class and didn't show up the day after I found out they was class despite the trip yeah got a little pissed that they was and I missed it over which I believe was a pointless school trip.  Thursday was a good day a mere sneak peak of spring break 16.

 life is like ice cream its meant to be enjoyed and savored thank you carvel for this amazing treat.

I believe that vacations are meant to not just be spent fun and to learn a little more about your self and life and those around you whether its going away or staying in the city vacations are a chance to have fun with friends and not worry about work if your a student its chance to study a little when the day starts and then enjoy the rest the rest of the day.

I wanna know how do you enjoy vacations? I would love to know in the comments below

you know ill always love you-Xoxo-Stephanie :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What is love ?

  Hi everyone i hope your having a amazing Tuesday and its just the start to a amazing week for spring break for some and for others next week or on spring break i hope your having a great break and if your not in school i hope your having a great week and you should take a vacation before summer starts.  Anyways I'm pretty sure alot of you have read the poem ''beautiful eyes'' that i wrote a couple weeks ago yes before you ask i was in love head over heels with a guy right before i started high school not the same age when i got to high school i met someone new and ''beautiful eyes'' got off my mind for a year almost two i will not disclose ''beautiful eyes'' identity just yet just in case if he suddenly reappears in my life again and i don't want him to know just yet that even though we kinda met we never spoke to word to word but he did alot a friend of mine would tell him stuff about me and tell me about him vice versa but i don't want to talk about the one that got away.  When it comes to love null been really over the head over it what is it ? aside from the feelings of butterflies and that deep emotion that strikes you right in the chest/heart that feeling that keeps you up at 2:30am in the morning that feeling that gives you dreams you don't want to wake up from. Love is a complicated thing that we cant see it but we cant see it it brings a world on it a world of unexplained emotions. Emotions that help shape our personality and who we are not just as a person but as a human.  Love is that act that involves kissing on the lips when it comes to lovely doovy love the love that is shared with two people.  That physical act that is shared with two people from the fruit of love or just simply unexplained love and a act. To some people love doesn't mean anything but to some people in means alot of things love can put people in denial. Aside from lovey dovey love there is also the love that comes from friendship family co workers etc.. But do we truly know the mystery of love? do we truly what it means in all forms? or is it the mystery that we are still trying to figure out? leave me a comment below on what you think love means ? any kind of love

                             you know ill always love you

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday earth day

  Hi everyone i hope you all are having a lovely Sunday and lovely weekend for my college bumblebees and lady bugs spring break 16 and for the rest of my bumblebees who are not yet in college but in school we got one more week so hang on tight! I usually like to take one day of the weekend for a lazy day and today was not a lazy day i went two fairs the earth day fair at union square and the one back in my hometown earth day in union square was splendid had a mini workout and then went to earth day at union square they had samples of good healthy sampling such as zico coconut water the chocolate one is my new favorite and samples of tea such as honey flavored green tea from honest tea.  Happy earth day from union square happy earth week world

 i hope you all had a great day
                                                    you know ill always love you Xoxo-Stephanie

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Safe sex/way to get contrapatives.

                 Good morning everyone i hope your having a fresh start to your Thursday by the time this post is up it'll be Thursday and i hope you guys are awake and happy here is a virtual hug and kiss to start off your Thursday 2 more days till the weekend i cant wait everyday is a gift like sweet like lattes and frappucinos.  Today i wanted to talk about safe sex since I'm hearing many stories these days of girls and guys who are becoming parents too early or if they don't want to. First things first having unprotected sex brings a risk to not just pregnancy but to all sexual diseases and does not help against the HIV virus which I'm pretty sure you all know that. Sex is a act that i know can happen unexpectedly whether its a home or in a car or in a other place its usually happens unexpected but here are some tips to help those unwanted pregnancies and sick scares 1 if you know if you are in a relationship/sexually active keep condoms in your site for the dudes keep them in your pocket and for the ladies keep them in your purse no one will know you have that because people shouldn't be looking in anyone stuff anyways whether or not two people want to make love or have sex with each other its not anybody business but the 2 people that's thing these days many people are always caring what kind of sex people are having its none of its anyone fucking business and people shouldn't worry about their business but their own. Stores like cvs rite aid Walgreen's/Duane Reade even though delis on the block condoms and birth control don't be afraid to ask to buy them and schools and colleges have them for free ill put a link to where you can get free condoms/contraptatives in the link below of my blog post but I'm writing this post to try to help unexpected things like pregnancy from happening if you and your partner or whoever are having a hot make out session or a love session before things get heated make sure they have a condom on or the girl is on birth control because that way you'll both know that the unexpected wont happen and you guys are safe.  That's my advice and dudes don't be afraid to keep condoms in your car which i seen on TV it happens in cars just put it where no one would see it but its better to be safe than sorry and no I'm not sexually active and its not anyone business if i am don't mean to sound rude i had to say that for all the people who love being in peoples business especially that kind. Here are some links for free condoms

once again stores and local drugstores have those contraceptives and hospital's do too don't be afraid to ask and you go anonymously and to my teens in high school and in college schools do have them don't be afraid to ask for them i hope this helps prevent unexpected things like pregnancies or any other unexpected no no's i hope you guys enjoy my advice/ mini workshop feel free to leave comments below i got school in the morning so ill talk to you all soon

                                 you know ill always love you