Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lifes mysteries of love passion and being human

  Its that moment of life when we have memories the good ole memories and the bad memories but why should we remember the bad memories more than the good ones ? its should be the opposite like ordering a dozen cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles not caring if youll make you big big but savoring  the chocolate frosting and goodness down your tongue and throat.  Or having a really fun day with a lover/signficant other and spending the day together with endless moments that should never end and last forever we all go threw lif'es memories on point of our lives whether its life mysterious of love passion friendship family and the biggest love mystery of all love and passion.  What surround love and passion? is the high tendency we have whenever see someone really attractive and cute and we can control the overwellming of blush and sweat? or we commit that physical act of all and dont feel bad about it yet get judged about it when others hear about it even though people do physical acts of love the details of the act shouldnt be shared with anyone.  We all experience feelings yet can never understand them its all part of the mystery of love and passion and no matter what feelings we might have we shouldnt be afraid to have them of course unless they are bad feelings in case you should do something about those feelings and talk to someone about negative and bad feelings.  The thing we shouldnt be afraid to have feelings we do'nt understand in the end we are all human and no matter what kind of human we are we are still human. What do you guys think on lifes mysteries of love passion friendship and being human? leave your comments and thoughts below and share stories as well :)
            you know ill always love you Xoxo-Stephanie :)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dunkin Donuts frozen hot chocolate review :)

 Good morning/evening/afternoon/night i hope your all having a sweet memorial day and your enjoying the great hot memorial day and don't forget to remember what memorial day is truly about aside from all the partying having fun getting drunk and not remembering what you did the night before and aside from the partying eating alot of food that you wake up with a food ache the very next day all of these which is very silimar to fourth of July both holidays honor veterans and have silmar festivities.  The temps are getting hotter and with the beaming sun and hot weather its gets way too hot to have a cup of hot chocolate hot coffee latte or hot tea or any other hot drink in general its the kinda weather where you drink iced/cold drinks to keep you hydrated. For those who are out late and don't want to drink any iced caffeine drinks that wont let you sleep at night and want a satisfying kick of cold iced sweetness some dunkin donuts around the area have a frozen hot chocolate which m n love with it might have a weird name but its really good its so chocolatey and iced and really good when you first take a sip it brings you a sip of sweet chocolate silmar to cold chocolate milk and iced similar to a frappe but chocolate.
Its the perfect treat for a hot summer day and for chocolate kick i rate this 6 of 6 a medium is around 4 bucks simlar to the cost of a frappuncino at starbucks i hope you enjoyed this review you know ill always love you Xoxo-Stephanie :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Life labels/anti-bullying campaign titled Happy

Growing up ever since we were toddlers we saw labels everywhere we went every second whether it was a label on a can a label on the fridge a packaging label labels on the signs of the street. Labels that have expiration dates so you know when it something goes bad like milk when you acceidently drink expired milk and it tastes so gross and sour.  Labels like size basically labels are like life we see them everywhere and we read them everywhere.  But has anyone ever take a good look into the book of labels titled ''life''  that one label where it has one more than one as opposed to other labels. People are labeled just like the labels on the food can. People are labeled ''gay''  ''sexual'' ''pretty'  '' smart ''
'' weird'' ''genius ''freak''  ''wonderful''  ''ugly''  ''misunderstood'' '' ''whore'' ''slut'' '' ' other labels such as '' perfect'' ''useless''  ''mine''  ''addict'' ''boss''  ''short '' ''skinny''  ''queen'' ''king'' ''prince'' and sometimes labels in life could also warn us like '' proceed with caution'' or '' don't bother or '' don't talk to him/her or '' you are mine and only mine people are labeled everyday without they even notating it and many people don't realize that other people have feelings and using bad labels like ''useless ugly freak weird'' and other nasty labels can really hurt and are hurt to be labeled.  What many people don't realize besides seeing the labels on food cans and on other items they are labeling one another whenever they see other people.  People shouldn't label other people based on what a person is much less negative/nasty labels.  My point is people should stop labeling and calling other people mean hurtful things this post is a anti bullying campaign post a series of post I'm launching on my website to help stop bullying and for people to be happy as bullying is one of the leading causes of suicide and attempted suicide its one of the reasons why many people resort to drugs alochal partying and the other negative things to try and take away the pain its the reason why many teenagers resort to the hospital because of overdoses etc.. To help stop bullying I'm launching a anti-bullying campaign titled happy I launched a campaign 3 years ago called stop cutting which has done success so far.  We should labeling people regardless of what it is if its good maybe but if its not we shouldn't label people and we should help stop bullying join me in my latest campaign project titled '' happy'' a anti bullying campaign and lets put a end to bullying that has lead to misery depression and death. 

Campaign ''Happy'' launched By Stephanie Precious P.


Stop cutting Campaign

                         you know ill always love you Xoxo-Stephanie :)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Storytime with Steph- ''The perfect body doesnt exist''

 Hi everyone i hope your all having a great day and i hope you all had a great mothers day mothers day is everyday not just one day of the year just like thanksgiving is everyday expect you shouldn't eat a big turkey everyday that is not good for you being thankful everyday and love your mother everyday same with your father. Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there and to mine i love  you so much :) Today I'm gonna do story time with Steph ill do these once or twice a week and my storytimes are true stories today I'm gonna talk about the overcoming years of my life where i struggled with body issues a story and topic I've been debating to write about for a while today I'm gonna share you my story to help others as well who have gone or going threw the same thing I've been there you are not alone there are hundreds and thousands even millions of people who are going threw the same thing they don't just talk about it. Over the years growing up I've struggled with body issues when i was growing up i would watch TV and saw all these people with the''perfect body'' with nice hair skinny legs slim body and breasts and nice hair basically what people call the ''perfect body'' or ''beautiful''. I would later find out that the ''perfect body'' is done with medical work and plastic surgery and for sticking on a very strict diet.  I remember how much i wanted to be accepted into ''society'' being different from everybody else at first i didn't understand it and wanted to ignore it i remember when i was entering middle school and leaving elemerty of how i would miss lunch sometimes or dinner when i came home or not eat the foods i liked such as pizza chicken stuff like that.  When i was in middle school those were the hardest years of my life i was going threw bullying i had very little friends and it was difficult i would get sad i thought i didn't fit in because of my body or because i didn't have a very toned body and at the time big breasts i would tell my self i couldn't eat this or that because of that i would often check the scale for my weight during that time i went underweight because i was missing my meals. When i got into high school that's when things begin to change for the good i began to realize that i need that ''perfect body'' to be perfect and very much less breasts. As of today i do struggle with my body i do need to eat foods oragic you know healthy foods. I did get anemic because of i was missing meals during that period of middle school.  I want the world to know not just girls but guys too you should love your body for who you are love your natural features you don't need any of the plastic stuff to have the perfect body you love your self for who you are and if somebody doesn't love your features that's them and they have their own issues. I love you for who you are and for the girls you don't need a Victoria secret body to please anybody much less any guy love your self for who you are i love you for who you are. Looking back at middle school of how i felt i realize now that i love my body for the way it is despite my breast size or pants size of how my body is i got my iron and nutrient levels on track and became a health nut/writer/better student I'm still skinny but in a good way. You got to learn to love your self for who you are and i love you muchismio very much. At the beginning my freshman year of high school my life did take a happy turn i began to realize that being perfect isn't everything and i met one of the influential people my English teacher ms m who is also a health nut ms m if you reading this love you and you are a very beautiful influence/inspiration I'm proud to be your student for 3 years of my high school life/career :).  After high school begin i put more of my sadness that i was feeling into writing which got me away while i was having those negative feelings. Today I'm happy college bound student and high school graduate in about a month.  I love you guys i hope you enjoyed storytime with steph i love you all and remember the perfect body doesn't exist regardless of the medical stuff you do to your body love your body for the way it is.

                                                   you know ill always love you
                                                                                                              xoxo-Stephanie :)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Starbs Birthday frappuncino review :)

Good Morning everyone i hope your all having a great morning and weekend Sundays are meant to be lazy Sunday's aka a day for resting chilling out watching netflix and just hanging out. This past weekend i was honored to try the Starbucks birthday cake flavor it wont be out for very long so i recommend to try it asap before it goes away. I thought the starbucks birthday cake frappuncino was amazingly heavily good the frappuncino was a vanilla bean frappuncino with a pump of hazel nut syrup and raspberry whip cream. It tasted very similar to a birthday cake and a little bit of cookies and cream. I wouldn't recommend having this frappuncino alone but aside with a pastry or bagel afterward so you wont feel sick with a sugar overload. Starbucks baristas were cool enough to make the cup birthday themed. i told them it was my belated birthday which passed back in February the Starbucks birthday frap is a must and you could get it for a good price during starbucks happy hour 3-6 and get a extra hour if your a starbucks member. I Rate this Starbucks frap 4 of 5.