Sunday, October 30, 2016

Male birth control ? is this real?

   I love reading cosmopolitan the magazines especially they always have some good advice about work and getting rid of anxiety and a lot of other things cosmopolitan is one of my favorite articles they always have something good recently on the website I can across a article about male control and here are my opinions on male birth control its a shot that's supposed to work like regular woman's birth control and they have people testing it and I just think its even though its not officially out that it wont work like regular birth control and women could still get pregnant and it wont I don't know much about it it hasn't really come out yet but I want to know your opinion as well do you think it should be out on the market? if it does should guys go and get it ? or should people continue to go and use condoms and use other stuff that ll be more protective for safe sex I think the most effective way people should be to have sex without injections or pills and such is condoms that's the most effective way for safe sex and so you know you don't want a baby. The thing with birth control for woman you can just take it like Advil or ibuprofen and expect it to go away or expect it to work you have to be on the pill for a month for it to work but with male birth control if it goes on the market? should guys go out and take it or get it ? I don't think they should but I want to hear your thoughts below

 You know ill always love you  xoxo-Stephanie

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Stephanie asks random questions

I'm ask random questions to random questions if you happen to know the answer to these questions you can leave them in the comments below

RD q's
  1. IS pumpkin a vegetable or a fruit after carving one this weekend for Halloween I also wondered Is it a vegetable or a fruit?
  2. Does ice skating hurt for the first time ? I really hope it does break any bones
  3. Why cant some people just accept others without being such a fucking ass?
  4. What can ever happen if Donald trump or Hilary Clinton becomes president will we ever see change in our country?

Those are some five questions leave some below you might have and if you happen to know the answers to any of these q's you may leave them below

FYyi I'm doing blog everyday in November for missing so much blogging I want to make It up to you guys love you -Steph

Do girls really need big boobs to have a happy life?

Back in 2008 telemundo a channel that airs good novellas and aired good novellas like dame chocolate one of my favorites and other good novellas such as a convertsey novella based on the book sin senos no hay paraiso (without breasts there is no paradise) it was a book by Spanish author Gustavo bolivar who wrote the book based on real events that took place in Columbia years ago not many years ago his book was adopted into a novella in 2006 called sin tetas no hay paraiso which aired for almost 2 months in Columbia and a second novella sin senos no hay paraiso which aired in 2008 and in 2016 its airing its second part a book also by Gustavo bolivar sin senos Si hay paraiso which is also airing on telemundo its without breasts there is paradise yes you need to see the first part to understand the first part the first part deals with the main character Catalina who feels the need to get breast implants to attract cocaine smugglers and that ''itll will lead to paradise'' I'm not gonna tell you what happens but it doesn't lead to very good road with Catalina breast implants and her trip to paradise. I Wanted to write a blog post mainly not because to have big boobs to attract people from the cartels and those horrible things but do girls really need big boobs to have a happy life? a happy life with a husband/boyfriend a life with big boobs to have a happy life with friends and other luxuries such as jobs and everything life has to offer ? I think many girls should feel like they need to spend their money to get operated to be able to have everything has to offer. When I was in middle school I also had a different mind set on things I would read magazines and watch TV and see the girls with their big boobs and I didn't really have anything yet I was about a cup around a b cup and I would sometimes stuff my bras with socks to have big breasts yeah after getting a lecture from my mom I didn't do again yeah at the time I didn't want big breasts for the same reasons that Catalina wanted them at the time I thought big breasts like many girls these days have a mindset that big breasts would be the key to everything has to offer friends a boyfriend and mainly popularity till this day I learn ed that you should keep your body has to offer today I'm 18 and wear a 32dd after letting my breasts develop naturally over the course of several years.  The thing many girls feel like especially when it comes to impressing guys that they need to have their breasts big in order to have the luxurious that life has to offer and things such as having a boyfriend that guys like girls with big tits and not girls with flat chested they feel the need they need to get operated or in some cases stuff their bras and or do things to make their tits look bigger. They shouldn't be around guys who are fucking jerks guys who only want big melons a guy would truly love a girl for who she is regardless of her breast size his girl would his princess regardless of the size of her boobs and even the other part of her body such as her butt cheeks.  In my opinion and in general girls should really be happy regardless of the size of her breasts and the other size of her body parts and when it comes to other acts such as sex a guy shouldn't only worry about her breasts girls don't need to get operated or worry about the size of their body parts and girls don't really need big boobs or big butt or any other body parts to have a happy life it should be ones choice whether or not to get operated but a girl could still have everything has to offer regardless of her breasts size. I want to know your thoughts below on what do you think do girls really need big boobs or other surgeries to have a happy life? I love to hear your thoughts below

you know ill always love you Xoxo-Stephanie

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New york city first amazing cheesecake factory

 Hi everyone yes I'm alive and well been busy with school and now i have a new job aka my job from winter and I've been also doing construction on this site getting a new design and stuff kinda like a fresh start when a chapter that lasted for a decade ends and you have a fresh start it kind of feel awesome at the same time weird like a really weird amazing feeling lets talk about that as a metaphor for another blog post. I'm really pumped for this new factory in new york called the cheesecake factory its located in queens center mall in new york and I'm really pumped for it it just recently opened up and its new york city only cheesecake factory like only cheesecake factory its not ones those places where you can find them in Manhattan and in queens or any other boroughs in new york city its a unique place. Aka if your new york city new yorker like i am you don't want to travel to long island on the long island railroad or take the new jersey transit to new jersey in one of those malls and go hours away just to enjoy a good heavily cheesecake aka pumpkin cheesecake i mean where else can you find pumpkin cheesecakes ? cheesecakes the original other than the original strawberry Graham cracker crust amazing cake ? I'm really pumped about this amazing new factory in new york thank you god I've been visiting this area for many years growing up in new york i would beg my parents to take me till this mall they had a candy store which is now gone sadly but they had one they have bath and body works where you can the best fragrance's during Christmas and candles they put a shake shack in the mall recently from what i have heard and now they put their new edition the cheesecake factory the only one in NYC this is their best edition yet I'm really excited about this and new york finally having a cheesecake factory i want to know what your thoughts on NYC cheesecake factory and being the first and in queens center mall ? let me know below