Friday, December 30, 2016

Goodbye 2016 :)

  For my final post for 2016 i thought i say goodbye to a very bouncy year we had many things in the world going on this year such as the election of Donald trump and many other things people we will never forget that left us such as Carrie fisher Debbie Reynolds Alan thicke and the many other souls that ll remain in our heart no matter where they are they'll always be in our hearts. One of my favorite memories of this year ill never forget was my high school graduation graduating high school and starting college starting a new and starting over completely in January a new semester in college a new life set and new mind set on things its time to say goodbye to a chapter or chapters if your starting a fresh if your starting over starting from zero. One of my favorite memories was also getting to see the rockettes at radio city music hall i never really been inside radio city music hall and it was amazing going for the first time and seeing the show up close seeing the rockettes and it was more than amazing those were some of my favorite memories goodbye 2016 it was nice knowing you hello 2017

 It was nice knowing 2016 i hope you guys have a great time for your party you know ill always love you see you in 2017 peace out 2016 :)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Seeing the Rockettes the radio city christmas spectular

 Today started off as any other day no work Christmas vacation no school and just waking up at the noon been a tired bumble bee been doing other works aside from my job and school striving to be the best i can be and doing different things i like to see these things as steps to a stair case such as leaving my old life behind experiences new things and starting new chapters as the year to as close so my does old life i will be starting 2017 as new person as a college student and person who known for doing several businesses with several organizations that help keep my website kind of like donating i guess i don't whats the word for it today i had missed my movie i had to see the patriots at 4pm at the union square theatres one of the movie theatres in union square but i had planned to exchange my camera first at the port authority bus terminal to get a better one for my YouTube videos but due to be in the stuck in the train and stuff i had missed my movie not knowing what to do after the whole camera business i was on my phone and had a 50 percent off coupon for the rockettes at radio city i had planned to see them Sunday noon before the show ends at radio city but after seeing the coupon and realizing i could make it for the 430 show i had decided to go and see the rockettes a awesome cute peter Parker looking dude  gave me a good ticket spot and i had a great spot being in that auditorium reminded me of my high school graduation both very similar it reminded me i was no longer anyway near my high school life i hadn't spoken to anyone since i don't plan to its a fresh start seeing the rockettes was awesome and i couldn't have asked for a better way to end the year it started off as a bumpy year but ending on a great note i hope you all had a merry Christmas i did not to mention cute cops surrounding Rockefeller center 

                      You know ill always love you happy new year -Stephanie

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Stephanie's 2017 Resolutions

 As 2016 comes to an end on Saturday i thought i share you some of my resolutions and goals for 2017 my favorite memory of 2016 Finally graduating from high school here it is my new years resolutions

  • Stephanie's 2017 new year resolutions 
  • Be more positive
  • Make new friends
  • Start off my fresh start on a good note 2016 was a mixture of finishing high school and starting college it doesn't feel like a fresh start when you have two slices of cake in the same plate 2017 will make room for a official clean slate and a chance to start over 
  • YouTube I'm filming YouTube videos for 2017 my first one is up my next one probably up in 2017 
  • Eat healthier - tired of getting sick !
  • do good in school my grades went down in college wanna get them back up I'm always been a b student gonna keep it that way
  • More memories 
 Those are some of my 2017 new year resolutions share your resolutions in the comment below
ill be back with 2 more blog posts before 2016 officially ends

                   you know ill always love you ho ho and cheers to a new year

Merry Christmas

  Merry Christmas to everyone to all my bumble bees and lady bugs and the whole world i hope Santa gave you the best present ever and he gave you a big hug and if you left cookies for him and milk well i hope he ate it and gulp it up as the year as comes to an end i hope you all know that its a new year aka new goals and new memories and new friends? new people will come and others might go wish you and your family a very merry jolly Christmas

you know ill always love you ho ho -Stephanie

PS i love to see what you got for christmas Instagram me @Stephanie.Sunshine @precioussteph98

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Day in life with Stephanie Starbs farmers market and cameras

   Today was pretty much a great day i grabbed a cup of milk daily my daily morning routine and headed out the door to get the papers to mail out my package i hopped on the train to Manhattan with a very unpleasant headache but it went away thanks to the people on the train this morning you helped me somehow get rid of my horrible headache thank you union square was quiet this morning people walking you don't hear alot of buzz in the morning everyone just wants to get well where they need to go ? they don't care what your doing just cont walking i went to the ups store to drop off my package thankfully the girl who worked there said she take care of everything which saved me a ton of work and a ton of time thanks sweetheart my package goes where it needs to go after that i headed to the farmers market and walked around and instagrammed everything is good with their foods you get healthy foods cheaper than the stores and in whole foods they are so good and they are healthy to veggies to fruit if you ever needed healthy just head to the farmers market its by the park which i even more amazing after heading to the farmers market i realized that i needed to return my memory card that didn't really work that i had bought i hopped on a train to Penn station which was quiet people tired but amazing tree in the middle of the Amtrak station i went to Kmart but forgot my other memory card at home and decided to keep it considering they wasn't anything i couldn't do Penn station is amazing and now they have a shake shack as i walked prepared to give up on my whole camera thing and my strong desire to make videos other than small ones on my instagram i couldn't give up i got out of Penn station they had cute navy guys surrounding Penn station and walked all over 34th st i couldn't find one i went to one shop and the guy offered me a broken camera hell no that was precisely the reason why i returned the one from amazon it wasn't till i reached my fourth shop near port authority where i found a good camera Sony thinking it was good the guy explained to me it wasn't i was about to leave the store when he offered me a 375 dollar camera for only a 120 dollars i took the deal when the guy told me i could make movies on there and showed me i had saved up money over the summer and it was stored away for many months for the all the right reasons and i was pumped i walked out of there and i had a cool hd camera i headed to port authority to catch my train where i headed to stabs it was packed and i couldn't wait long for my drink so i headed to the stabs in times square i once again passed by a group of cute navy guys who seemed smiley and happy it was a beautiful day the sun was out and it was just beautiful i went to the Starbucks where a cute bubbly Starbucks barista made my drink with kindness and love it was worth going there despite the Starbucks register lady i had to tell her a gallzon times that all i wanted was a peach black tea venti lemonade you need to work at Starbucks you need to memorize the menu i was happy with the bubbly barista here you go sweetheart she said and that made me happy despite the whole annoying register lady i then went to the nearest cafe grabbed my lunch and headed to grand central where i took my trains back to my hometown and back home it was a good morning and sometimes you just never know what a day would bring 

the twelve days of christmas tag by Stephanie Sunshine

1) What do you want for Christmas?- Hard question Camera stuff and clothing I'm starting my new YouTube channel very soon either this month or the next

2) Favorite Christmas memory?- When i was a kid and we had snow blizzards and my dad would make hot chocolate and buy food and stuff my favorite was the chips ahoy cookies now they taste horrible

3) Favorite Christmas song ?- All i want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey

4) Were you good this year or bad?- Good

5) Favorite holiday drink?- Hard one i would say eggnog with cinnamon ahh its heaven

6) Has anyone ever given you something on Christmas you didn't like?- No

7) Favorite thing to do during the Christmas season?- I would say go ice skating or go see a show but my favorite thing out of all is at night seeing all the Christmas 's tree all around town

8)- Cuddling with someone under the mistletoe?- If you mean boyfriend or significant other than no I'm single this holiday season but cuddling and drinking hot chocolate by the far with people than yes

9) Any new wishes for 2017?- Yes a fresh start its about time its time to leave the old life behind and start a new trust me when i say i want to start a new and forget some of the things i had to go threw.

10) Where will you be on new years eve?- I don't know yet

11) Have you done Christmas shopping yet?- i finish this weekend

12) What is your favorite memory of 2016?- Graduating high school i never want to see those people again in my life i haven't and i hope it stays that way its a fresh start go on with your life


1) What do you want for Christmas?
2) Favorite Christmas memory?
3) Favorite Christmas song?
4) Were you good this year or bad?
5) Favorite holiday drink?
6) Has someone ever give you something you didn't like?
7) Favorite thing to do during the holiday season?
8) cuddling with someone under the mistletoe?
9) Any new wishes for 2017?
10) Where will you be on new years eve?
11) Have you done Christmas shopping yet?
12) Whats your favorite memory of 2016?

I tag Violetta komyshan Amy Catherine Jesse wellens Ansel elgort and everyone who reads this post

   You know ill always love you ho ho ho-Stephanie

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Scenes from life holly jolly edition

  For more scenes from life you check out my instagram @stephaniesunshine you know ill always love you ho ho-Stephanie

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Drum roll Stephanie has exicting news

  They are some things in life that happen we have things that happen to us that change to us that change us that shape us but in the end we deserve a fresh start right? I've been waiting to tell you the news for a pretty much alone time many of you don't know I've been suffering with anxiety for the past seven years and it got really bad over the summer after i graduated high school mostly anxiety shock i cant believe this over oh my god this is over free at last free at last from all the bullying and nightmare that occurred while i was in high school you go threw pain and pain and it goes for a long period of time and you just think its never going to end and when it does your in shock for a long time I've been speaking to start a YouTube channel dedicated to not only my website but for you guys who have been with me for the longest since I've started my website back in 2011 aka during a very complicated time in my young life but anyways lets get the negativity out of here out of the door we must always remain strong no matter what the circumstances and we always remain fearless and happy as 2016 comes to an end i realized that i want to leave my old life behind i want a fresh start as i enter the next semester of college my winter semester which starts in January i want to make room for a fresh start I'm so pumped to announce my YouTube channel living life with Stephanie set to launch this month and next month I'm really excited for this new project and its amazing and I'm so pumped to finally announce it i hope you guys like my new YouTube channel

Coming soon drum roll new YouTube channel Living life with Stephanie

             you know ill always love you ho ho -Stephanie

Dear my future husband

Dear,my future husband /boyfriend

                 This letter is for you when you read this one day you'll look back and be like oh my i have a really great girl a girl who isn't like the others who would rather sit down with a box of pizza in the apartment and watch endless movies than go for diamond rings or any the luxury stuff who would rather spend the day doing you know what than going out and doing other things such as going out to the gym for 5 hours i mean 45 minutes working out yes but five hours no thanks. You'll see why I'm so hard with guys i had things really horrible happened to me in the past and because of those things they have shaped me into the Stephanie i am today. You learn more about things about me such i like to spend days being productive i cant sit in bed all day i have to be doing something or ill go nuts the only time you'll see me in bed all day is if I'm sick or depressed or sad or probably even hangover other than that you'll see me moving around i love to bake chocolate of course the best thing i ever baked was a chocolate cake that i shaped into brownies i love baking so don't be surprised if you wake up and see the oven on i love that thing even though at times i still have trouble cooking meals on the stove top with meals and stuff once i made pasta and it didn't cook thoroughly but practice makes me perfect you also learn about me if you smoke I'm not gonna fucking hate you just don't that bullshit in front of my face or in my apartment i hate that smell its just smokey and gross and too much of it the smell can cause stomach pains and just plain sick.  It wont ruin our relationship if you drink and do that other stuff i don't care just don't go overboard ok babe?  i have to get that out there ill also love you no matter what yes ill become crazy if someone is insulting you or tries to fucking touch you you don't fuck with my man and people know that. ill love you and try to look past your life history and all that everyone makes mistakes and I'm no one to judge you or anyone i wont i can give you advice on stuff ill always be there for you babe always always also one of my favorite things is traveling is amazing and one of my favorites i hope your having a great night wherever you are i love you and ill always will


Friday, December 9, 2016

Randomness a day in a life with Stephanie

 This post is just gonna be a randomness post where i talk about a bunch of topics and not really anything in particular and just talk and stuff today i got to go to my Christmas tree lighting ceremony in my hometown pictures will be uploaded on my site next week as soon as i fix the thing that lets send me pics to the Internet they are on my instagram @precioussteph98 for those wanting to see them i cant get them on my site tonight but i will in a future blog post. I'm pissed off i bought almond milk eggnog thinking it was eggnog i love my eggnog its yummy its sweet and its got that sweet kick and boost to your heart and chest unforutnally i bought the ''almond'' kind and its just fucking gross it tastes nothing like fucking eggnog its tastes like medicine mixed with water not even milk eggnog is made with milk! Apparently those fucking people didn't get that in no well in hell is eggnog made with water if it did you think people would buy it ? how many of you ever had something you thought would be good but tasted horrible ? yeah just not cool whatsoever today was pretty much a good night I've spent my morning doing last minute labs getting ready for finals on Monday and stuff like that being a college student yeah its stressful but in the end its worth it when you graduate in a few years with your degree aka the biggest graduation ever. Work hard get great results and good results in the end.  I'm also really pumped to see the radio city Christmas spectualr purchasing my ticket next week it'll be my first year seeing the rockettes inside radio city music hall i saw them during Christmas in august which was awesome and i saw them around Manhattan aka around the rock. If you guys are in new york city or going to during the holiday season you should go see them they are amazing and its like being a heavily winter wonderland with amazing ballerinas wolden soldiers and Santa claus one fun night.  Not to mention ice rinks the rock Bryant park and wollman rink are all very close for a fun night and not to mention hot coco and the Christmas lights around NYC its so amazing what did you guys do today? let me know also I've been using the app called uber to get around they gave me a code for guys to have a free ride enter the code
stephp2104ue your ride is on me I'm not joking i love you guys enter the code and you don't have to pay for your ride.

  i hope you guys have a great night I'm going to get ready for bed

                        you know ill always love you ho ho ho-Stephanie

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The 26 things about me

I got tagged by my friend and blogger Amy Catherine to do the 26 things about me tag here it is

A-Age 18 I turn 19 in two months
B-Biggest fear death
C-current time 2:03
D-drink you last had-a cappuccino with lots of foam and milk
E-everyday starts with-a cup of coffee
F-favorite song -Blink by revive
G- Ghosts real? maybe who knows creepy things do happen
H- hometown Ridgewood queens ny
I-in love with life
J- Jealous of Victoria secret models not the ones who look like a pencil
K-killed someone ? NO
L-last time you cried?- not much a while ago
M- middle name?-Precious
N-number of sibling's-2
O-one wish?-To find true love not jerks or not assholes or guys who are taken
P-person you last called-My mom
S-song you last sang?-the heart on fire by Jonathan clay
T-time you woke up?- 10:30am
U-Underwear color?-Blank
v-vacation destination-Long island or California Los angeles
w-Worst habit- forgetting things and forgetting to write things down
y- your favorite food -Pizza
z-zodiac sign-Aquarius

Nominate 8 people

1) Jesse wellens
2)Joey Salads
3) Tash
4) Shane dawson
5) Violetta komyshan
6) Ansel elgort
7) Gracie Gordon
8) Everyone who is reading this right now love you all

  you know ill always love you ho ho-Stephanie

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hiv Prevention day

 Today is Hiv prevention day aka a day of awareness of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases i got to partner up with my college and it was fun being apart of so many vendors and helping out i think what i learned this semester is that even though its a unbalanced fresh start it still is and can be a fresh start i got to speak with many organization's not just about preventing HIV but about sexual assault and how to speak up on it ill be doing another post where i speak about it and how serious it is I've been threw assault yes i was assaulted for a period of months before finally going to the police and reporting it before anything serious deadly could have happened thank god for the nypd and thank god for cute handsome cops    it happened during my last months of my senior year of high school and ill tell you that story when i feel ready to talk about it with the world not just with you know my family and consulers and all that people. lets not talk about that we will someday not know but yes sexual assault is serious and if you know someone who is going threw it you should speak up even if its anonymously. What are ways aside of preventing HIV and other diseases aside from condoms ? lets make the world most of it HIV and sti free you should always use protection even if your fucking drunk you know what a fucking condom is if your drunk always remember to have sex responsibility and if your HIV positive or any other sexual disease let your partner know and always use a condom happy national HIV/aids prevention day and always remember to stay safe

 you know ill always love you ho ho-Stephanie