Monday, January 2, 2017

is there a the link between sex and masterbation?

     One of my favorite magazines is cosmopolitan and one of the things you'll see on my site this year and the years ahead is the topic of sex and other topics such as dreams love and the other things life I want my blog to be about everything life expanding the world expanding everything I guess if there is one thing humans love about sex is pleasure I might be a virgin but I do they might be a link between sexual intercourse and masturbation both are meant to be pleasurable experiences though masturbation is usually the just one having sex with their self using themselves or some object for pleasure objects such as pillows dildo or whatever you call those things I don't know I don't buy sex toys I don't much about them expect they are used for pleasure the only ''sex toys'' I know are handcuffs and dildos but that's not the topic for my post I do believe there is a link between sex and masturbation when two people commit sexual intercourse they engage in strawberry with whip cream kinda pleasure pleasure that has people screaming threw the roof and pleasure that's a brownie la mode while people who masturbate to tend to orgasm kinda like strawberry lemonade though its not as intense as the actual act of intercourse but both acts do contain a pleasure of orgasms and there is not a really a mystery to orgasms its a natural human feeling that occurs with a overwhelming of caffeine excitement I believe the link between sex and masturbation is pleasure both are meant to be pleasurable both orgasm and both are meant to be well sexual acts though what do you think on the link between sex and masturbation? do you believe they are both connected in any other way? or ways?

             you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

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