Sunday, January 29, 2017

quick update

 Over the last couple of weeks have been me going threw a rough patch school work old friendships having the joy of new friendships and the complicated circle of life but despite all the frustration school work i have found a new platform to keep me busy when im not working since i don't go back to school till march 2017 aka the start of the new spring semester i still however will be on campus this week for the events taking place ill go back near the end of the week.  ill be you tubing more often than blogging i find it much easier ill cont to blog and write just youtube more here are some of my ideas for youtube kinda like a spolier alert

New vid ideas for Stephanie Platform

  • Valentines day treat ideas heart shaped rice krispie treats coming soon
  • Date ideas such as movie night or hanging out in a city coming soon
  • valentines day 20 dollar makeup challenge  pink and bright colors coming soon i have a couple vids left for the valentines day serious i might start easter?
  • amazon prime haul yes another one :)
  • storytime with Steph im doing a bunch of those 

those are some of  the video ideas i have planned in the future i wont tell you ill do it and upload it by surprise and wont tell you those are just some of my ideas not yet finalized i wont tell you if they are i like to surpise people i hope you check out my youtube channel at everything will be there  you know ill always love you xoxo -Stephanie

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