Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The dos and donts of a new relationship


Talk about a little bit about your self what you like to do whats your favorite food whats your favorite movie favorite places to go to favorite music etc.. 

Be friendly and kind don't have a nasty attuide 

Always try to fight no matter how hard it is fight 

Remember to be your self don't try to be someone your not it'll ruin the relationship being someone your not its basically plain fake kinda like acting 

Show love always show love


Mention your ex !! don't talk about your ex constantly no one wants to hear ''oh me and my ex did that my ex did this my ex was a slut my ex was this i loved how my ex did this'' no one wants to hear that plain bullshit about your ex that's like saying your ex is in the relationship and where do i stand? 

Hiding things - yes i know looking threw the phone is privacy and asking every little detail about your whereabouts but dont try to act mysterious dont try to be so mysterious 

Dont lie -lies ruin a relationship they create the overload of caffenie in coffee or make a balloon pop 

Dont try too hard- you dont have to be your self 

Flirt with other people -Flirting with other people often leads to sex in some cases and it leads to disaster 

            Here some are my do's and donts of a new relationship let me what are yours in the comments below you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie 

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