Wednesday, January 18, 2017

the next level for my website and platform and scenes from life

 My thoughts today when i woke up and jumped out of bed to get ready for my 9am class at university I'm taking anatomy and we have to memorize a whole ton of stuff for example what kind of bones are located in the skull head of the skull? the cranial is one of the bones located around the head of the skull. i probals spelled the word wrong I'm still learning i probably have to memorize alot but i like studying it knows that I'm getting somewhere by studying and somewhere with college even if i haven't met my soul mate yet college is about studying and having fun at the same time its a new path when you close the doors of a old life and open it to a new one. Speaking of new doors i have decided to upload and do YouTube aka Stephanie Sunshine Precious the next level of blogging into YouTube ill be doing it and taking it a step further now that I've got my canon finally a camera i don't have to return i get to keep it an its so amazing worth the money i really f******* the web cam quality it sucks butt you can barely here what I'm saying ! new YouTube videos this year and years ahead i have videos planned out to film next week i have a bunch of exams to study for for biology so I'm not sure if i can get a YouTube video up but i promise ill put one out next week probably Wednesday or Tuesday i like to film a day or 2 before it goes up editing and getting creative with web cam it goes straight to YouTube aka no fun creating editing stuff i hope your all having a great night i love you all and i hope you enjoy your night i love you all and ill talk to you soon      you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

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