Sunday, January 29, 2017

quick update

 Over the last couple of weeks have been me going threw a rough patch school work old friendships having the joy of new friendships and the complicated circle of life but despite all the frustration school work i have found a new platform to keep me busy when im not working since i don't go back to school till march 2017 aka the start of the new spring semester i still however will be on campus this week for the events taking place ill go back near the end of the week.  ill be you tubing more often than blogging i find it much easier ill cont to blog and write just youtube more here are some of my ideas for youtube kinda like a spolier alert

New vid ideas for Stephanie Platform

  • Valentines day treat ideas heart shaped rice krispie treats coming soon
  • Date ideas such as movie night or hanging out in a city coming soon
  • valentines day 20 dollar makeup challenge  pink and bright colors coming soon i have a couple vids left for the valentines day serious i might start easter?
  • amazon prime haul yes another one :)
  • storytime with Steph im doing a bunch of those 

those are some of  the video ideas i have planned in the future i wont tell you ill do it and upload it by surprise and wont tell you those are just some of my ideas not yet finalized i wont tell you if they are i like to surpise people i hope you check out my youtube channel at everything will be there  you know ill always love you xoxo -Stephanie

valentines day baking part 2

Valentines day treats with Stephanie Part 1

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

the next level for my website and platform and scenes from life

 My thoughts today when i woke up and jumped out of bed to get ready for my 9am class at university I'm taking anatomy and we have to memorize a whole ton of stuff for example what kind of bones are located in the skull head of the skull? the cranial is one of the bones located around the head of the skull. i probals spelled the word wrong I'm still learning i probably have to memorize alot but i like studying it knows that I'm getting somewhere by studying and somewhere with college even if i haven't met my soul mate yet college is about studying and having fun at the same time its a new path when you close the doors of a old life and open it to a new one. Speaking of new doors i have decided to upload and do YouTube aka Stephanie Sunshine Precious the next level of blogging into YouTube ill be doing it and taking it a step further now that I've got my canon finally a camera i don't have to return i get to keep it an its so amazing worth the money i really f******* the web cam quality it sucks butt you can barely here what I'm saying ! new YouTube videos this year and years ahead i have videos planned out to film next week i have a bunch of exams to study for for biology so I'm not sure if i can get a YouTube video up but i promise ill put one out next week probably Wednesday or Tuesday i like to film a day or 2 before it goes up editing and getting creative with web cam it goes straight to YouTube aka no fun creating editing stuff i hope your all having a great night i love you all and i hope you enjoy your night i love you all and ill talk to you soon      you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The dos and donts of a new relationship


Talk about a little bit about your self what you like to do whats your favorite food whats your favorite movie favorite places to go to favorite music etc.. 

Be friendly and kind don't have a nasty attuide 

Always try to fight no matter how hard it is fight 

Remember to be your self don't try to be someone your not it'll ruin the relationship being someone your not its basically plain fake kinda like acting 

Show love always show love


Mention your ex !! don't talk about your ex constantly no one wants to hear ''oh me and my ex did that my ex did this my ex was a slut my ex was this i loved how my ex did this'' no one wants to hear that plain bullshit about your ex that's like saying your ex is in the relationship and where do i stand? 

Hiding things - yes i know looking threw the phone is privacy and asking every little detail about your whereabouts but dont try to act mysterious dont try to be so mysterious 

Dont lie -lies ruin a relationship they create the overload of caffenie in coffee or make a balloon pop 

Dont try too hard- you dont have to be your self 

Flirt with other people -Flirting with other people often leads to sex in some cases and it leads to disaster 

            Here some are my do's and donts of a new relationship let me what are yours in the comments below you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie 

Monday, January 2, 2017

is there a the link between sex and masterbation?

     One of my favorite magazines is cosmopolitan and one of the things you'll see on my site this year and the years ahead is the topic of sex and other topics such as dreams love and the other things life I want my blog to be about everything life expanding the world expanding everything I guess if there is one thing humans love about sex is pleasure I might be a virgin but I do they might be a link between sexual intercourse and masturbation both are meant to be pleasurable experiences though masturbation is usually the just one having sex with their self using themselves or some object for pleasure objects such as pillows dildo or whatever you call those things I don't know I don't buy sex toys I don't much about them expect they are used for pleasure the only ''sex toys'' I know are handcuffs and dildos but that's not the topic for my post I do believe there is a link between sex and masturbation when two people commit sexual intercourse they engage in strawberry with whip cream kinda pleasure pleasure that has people screaming threw the roof and pleasure that's a brownie la mode while people who masturbate to tend to orgasm kinda like strawberry lemonade though its not as intense as the actual act of intercourse but both acts do contain a pleasure of orgasms and there is not a really a mystery to orgasms its a natural human feeling that occurs with a overwhelming of caffeine excitement I believe the link between sex and masturbation is pleasure both are meant to be pleasurable both orgasm and both are meant to be well sexual acts though what do you think on the link between sex and masturbation? do you believe they are both connected in any other way? or ways?

             you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy new year :) 2017

 Happy new year feliz uno nuevo bonne anne to everyone if your still sleeping happy sleeping take some sort of pain killer to kill the migraine i took advil before i went to bed last night and it helped my migraine aka goodbye 2016 migranes and cheers to the new year new years are meant for fresh starts new beginnings and a chance to have a clean slate and a chance to be a new you i hope you all had a very good start to a new year uno bonnne anne im trying to learn french and get better any other language than English i think that's one of my resolutions for this year to start learning new things such as languages and other things such as dance dance is art and art is life quick tip egg yolk and and oats help get rid of a hangover it helps with a pain killer ill help clean out your body. 2016 Can kiss my butt goodbye now that its 2017 all over the world its amazing and you just never know what a new year can bring new opportunities new people and new experiences cheers to a new and happy year and a clean slate

                                                                    you know ill always love you xoxo-Stephanie