About Stephanie Sunshine Precious

  My name is Stephanie Sunshine Precious no my last name isn't precious its my blogger name aka you know how Dan humphrmpy from gossip girl went by gossip girl his alias well this is my alias. I created this site during middle school which was were the years I struggled a lot in my young adult hood. I was inspired by radio DJ Lisa Paige to create a blog after reading her former blog called PamperedwithPaige. I Loved reading her material how she talk about the things she did on the radio her hauls and even her YouTube videos. YouTube also inspired me to create and become a writer when I would watch beauty gurus videos and other fun videos.  Even though they were hard times in life I still continued to blog and inspire the world. There is one thing I love and only want to steal is your heart .  My goal is to change the world forever and leave a mark on this earth when its like the year 3000 and we have a new generation they'll be like oh look at that amazing blogger from the 21 century she still inspires me people today and omg I read her books (you never know ) and seen her interviews on TV and seen her progress her career to great lengths.  I Enjoy eating healthy eating healthy and working out expands life span by 10 years and its amazing  10 extra years of life every day for 365 Ill take that :). I'm a very nice person and generous I am stubborn but I'm not mean if I get mean during a argument if I know I'm wrong ill apologize but only if I'm wrong.  I live in the heart of NYC in a very small town and recently became a online blogger follow me on my journey and I promise you never ever forget this journey.

                 '' life is like a cup of coffee the more you put into it the sweeter it gets the less you add to it the bitter it tastes ''-Stephanie Sunshine Precious

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