About Stephanie Peguero

 Born in the heart of New york in the year 1998 i had developed a passion for computers and blogging when i entered elemerty school and my dad had bought us our first computer. I loved computers all my life and loved how it made me feel using my space as a child i created my first blog on the my space writing random stuff to stories on my space. It would make me happy of how people were enjoying my content and at such young age 7 years old despite how bad my grammar was it was still enjoyable and people still enjoyed it. At the time it was just for fun and i didn't create my first real professional blog until 2012.  Growing up my favorite things would always coming home from school and using the computer endless hours of using programs and having fun on the Internet. One day i was listening to the radio and came across radio dj Lisa Paige who at the time was a radio dj in new york and had her blog pamperedwithpaige. After reading pampered with Paige i discovered another blog girl meets life by Gracie now known as the hungry blonde. I then created ''Stephanie'' in 2012 and it became my first official professional website.  People enjoyed reading my content and i enjoyed writing content it had so many names even becoming a memorial until i launched my mini business Living life with Stephanie in late 2016 early 2017. One of my favorite things aside from writing is vacating i love to travel oddly enough one of my favorite places to eat at is at the airport eating sandwiches and enjoying the view of airplanes right before a flight.  One of my favorite places is Manhattan growing up in new york i used to love it as a kid whenever my dad and my mom would take us to Manhattan me and my siblings i used to be scared of the big dinosaur in times square as a kid and loved the candy land.  Ive also kind of been in love/lust which inspire me to write about dating and relationships. One of my favorite foods is spaghetti and pizza i love food and enjoy food all the time both healthy and un healthy.  I hope you come along the journey called life and enjoy this road with me.

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